Protocols part-time cleaners


Cleaners are trained for 1-man and 2-man SOP
Flexibility depending of the project for better quality and lesser task gaps.

Carried out according to your guidelines and preferences.

Over the years, Doinn´s providers have become specialists in hospitality.

They understand that a very specific style of service is required as generally the rental is a “home away from home” and consequently a more personal style is required.

Fully trained and experienced personnel
By supplying fully trained and experienced personnel, our providers are able to successfully streamline systems, procedures and processes, and introduce new facilities management technology where appropriate.

Pay per hour worked or for a bundle of hours.

Our outsourcing model offers flexibility, guaranteeing that clients will only pay for the property cleaned – based on its size and whether it is a “departure or a stayover”, regardless of occupancy – effectively turning the fixed cost into a variable one.


Include any abnormal situations observed during the service through the Doinn app (including stains on mattresses, pillows or upholstery, any damage, electricity or water problems).

As well as photos taken of key points by area with the main focus on the bathroom and kitchen (including the fridge, the stovetop and the oven as well as the microwave oven); upload through the Doinn app.

Photos of any damaged object or other abnormal situations observed; upload them to the app.

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