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Vacation Rental Apartments and Villas

property owners / hosts

The comfort of professional hotel services in the truly authentic private accommodation.

property managers

Housekeeping and laundry for short-term rentals made simple, instant and automatic.

property management systems

Guest Ready apartments and villas directly from your PMS reservations.

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SOP – standard operational procedure

Doinn has developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) to systematise the quality of the cleaning and laundry services provided. Only exemplary and consistent service achieves the best ratings.


Professional and experienced teams.
5 star hotel standard cleaning techniques.
regular monitoring and quality inspection.


SOP training of Doinn affiliated teams.
Continued training with workshops and videos.

Fully customizable

Don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got it all. You can choose all of our services, or just a few based on the wants and needs of your property.
Selecting our full service guarantees a positive service everytime. Remember that the quality of the bed linen and bath towels is often the difference between a 4 or 5 star rating.

Social responsibility

The SOPs are also a reflection of our commitment to the world; a responsible and sustainable way of living as a global community. This way we want to contribute to a greater professionalism of the cleaners and the sector, in general. We only work with recommended suppliers with an impeccable reputation that assure a full compliance with tax and social standards. We stand strong behind the fair payment to the supplier, the fair wage of the cleaners and the quality of life for all involved.
Our personnel has to be clean as a whistle. We only work with recommended suppliers with an impeccable reputation.
For us, everything has to be fair: what we pay our suppliers, the remuneration of their respective cleaning agents, and the quality of life for all involved. For us a fair wage policy is very important.








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