Linen rental

Access to sheet and towel rental services with laundry for your short-term rental homes and lodgings. Ensure maximum security and comfort for your guests

White means cleanliness

Only white linen is available so the best cleaning and disinfection chemicals can be applied in the washing cycle without damaging the color.

Includes linen monitoring and alerts of missing or deteriorating parts.

Includes industrial laundry service with chemicals and professional ironing that guarantees the highest sanitation.

Includes storage and logistics coordinated with the cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I avoid the linen investment for my short-term rental properties?

  • I agreed with the owners to buy new linen every 2 years, how can I dilute this cost with them?

  • What does your sheet and towel rental service include?

  • Should I ask for a minimum number of linen items per cleaning?

  • Why choose Doinn to rent the sheets and towels for my short-term rental?

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