Linen laundry

Instant book and automate linen laundry with your cleaning services and ensure maximum security and comfort for your guests

Laundry companies just a click away

Access to top performance commercial laundry companies in 44 countries just a click away for your short-term rental homes.

The best cleaning partners

Washing bedding is a fundamental part of ensuring optimum cleanliness and a good experience for your guests.

Our cleaning partners will take care of the collection, washing, ironing and delivery of your bedding and towels.

We’ve got a very clear goal

We want to provide you with an easy and convenient way to manage the cleaning of your apartment. That is why we put at your disposal our cleaning software, through which you can program the laundry services you need. And even easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does our laundry service for short-term rental homes include?

  • What is the difference between commercial laundry and domestic?

  • Where does our linen come from?

  • Can I rent bed linen from Doinn?

  • Will you refund my deposit when I don’t need to use the linen anymore?

  • Why is the price charged for laundry with linen rental the same as the price of laundry only?

  • Can I choose the color of my bed linen and towels for linen rental?

  • Can the rented linen stay in my apartment even when there are no frequent bookings?

  • What happens if I want to opt-out of this service?

  • I already have a housekeeper and I am interested in laundry/linen services only. What can you do for me?

  • Will you refund my linen deposit when I don’t need your linen anymore?

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