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HomeIT Smart Locks for Short-Term Rentals

Key handovers are stressful, especially if you have multiple listings. They take up an insane amount of time, need pre-planning, require in-person contact, and often end in keys being lost and guests getting locked out.

It’s time for short-term rental managers to move on to bigger and better things. And there’s no simpler way to manage a check-in than with smart locks and keyless entry.

While not all smart lock technology is the same. Homeit universal smart lock solutions adapt to any door and integrate with both existing and new locks in the market today. Their smart lock solution is transforming traditional accesses by offering advanced universal integration options that let you choose how you want to connect: (web APP systems, code, keyboard, cards, and even by SMS).

Once set up the software will sync with your reservation calendar and will automatically generate and send the appropriate keys and processes.

Homeit solutions are easy to install and do not require the use of specialized technicians, allowing you to get up and running in minutes.

With homeit web app, besides being able to remotely open doors, you can also manage all the accesses by granting temporary or permanent entry codes and monitor the accesses to your home or spaces that you want to control, all without any keys.

Create and delete unique access codes

Sync with Airbnb and Booking.com calendars

Acessos homeit

Know who and when had to access

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