Avaibook - Doinn


The complete solution of Idealista for your vacation rentals.

With simple tools to automate your management, multiply your bookings and increase your profit. Starting from 5€ per month. Complete setup in minutes.

Why Avaibook?

Channel manager: Save time with the synchronised calendar with full bi-directional connection and centralised control of your announcements in one system.

Booking Engine: Increase the profitability of your business with direct bookings. Integrate the engine into your own website and social networks. Simple, fast and effective.

Property Management System: Full management of your bookings. Automatic processes and notifications, organisation of employee tasks, streamline check-in and much more.

Collection manager: Stay safe by programming collections, authorisations… all with our virtual POS. Confidence and security in all operations.

Revenue Management System: Use Market Data to analyse your competition, optimise your pricing strategy and make decisions based on objective data.

Automate, optimize your time and improve your management

Activate your account and quickly download info, photos, descriptions, calendar and reservations. You have no more excuses to procrastinate, start now!

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