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The Vacation rental Business School

AlterSchool is changing how to train in vacation rentals, empowering and providing tools to professionals and entrepreneurs so that they are at the forefront of practice in the sector.

Meet Alterschool

If you are in the vacation rental sector or thinking about turning your professional life around, or just want to learn the keys to the most successful short term rental companies of the moment, without paying a “huge amounts” and without dedicating 1 year of your life to do so. Alterschool, is the perfect place for YOU. With Alterschool you will have access to:

  1. CEOs and founders of top companies Give you real insights of what is going on in the market
  2. Get a disruptive training model.
  3. 100% online classes
  4. Get classes: From everywhere you want. Whenever you want
  5. Choose your class and learn something new

Get ahead of what is happening in the vacation rental industry

Alterschool is focused on helping anyone interested in the world of vacation rental, presenting a class format of 10 to 15 minutes a day, where more than 70 CEOs and managers of the best companies in the hospitality world, such as Booking, Expedia, airbnb or Google, among others, tell what is never told. With 3 different programs:

  1. Emprendetur Tech: For entrepreneurs and employees who want to know everything about the management of vacation homes.
  2. Vacational Rental Growth: For those who want to get the most out of everything related to new vacation rental models.
  3. Revenue for Pros: A master focused on learning the ins and outs of Revenue Management applied to tourist rentals.

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