iCal sync


Synchronizing your Doinn account will automatically keep it up to date with any external calendar that supports the iCalendar format, such as Airbnb or Google calendar.


You can synchronize your Doinn account by importing the iCalendar of your choice – you can import an url or a file.

To import an url:

  1. Under iCal Sync, select iCal URL
  2. Paste your calendar’s URL in the Paste your iCal url field
  3. Click Confirm

If you edit an external calendar that syncs with your Doinn account, it will take a few hours for those changes to be visible.

To import a file

  1. Under iCal Booking Sync, select iCal File
  2. Click on Choose File and add a file of your choice (file must be in the iCal format).
  3. Click Confirm