Vreasy Integration

How to integrate Doinn and Vreasy

Login Doinn

Une fois inscrit sur la plateforme Doinn, choisissez Property Managers

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Go to the top right corner, click your name and choose Integrations.

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Choose the Vreasy Integration

Click Vreasy Activate button.

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Enter your Vreasy login information

At this stage you need to request Vreasy to enable Doinn integration. How? Please request your client Vreasy API Key to the email address: help@vreasy.com

This will connect Doinn with your Vreasy account and allow you to fetch all apartments and reservations with one click.

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Configure Doinn Vreasy integration settings

Configurez les paramètres d'intégration BookingSync pour automatiser les services que vous souhaitez externaliser avec Doinn et les heures de check-in et de check-out de vos propriétés

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L'intégration est prête!

Properties and reservations will be synced and services generated automatically in the next poll. You can then click ok and proceed to purchase in one click or request full guest-ready properties automation.

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