Ynnov Integration

How to connect Ynnov to Doinn?

You will find a direct access to the integration from the Ynnov software

Why, not in Doinn? Because the complete integration is made directly from your Ynnov account. So go to Ynnov web page

Ynnov PMS Webpage

Log in to the Ynnov platform:

On the user menu, on the top right corner, select “Customizations”.

Ynnov PMS login

Once on the “Customizations” menu, select “Integrations”:

on the left side bar and then select “Doinn”. Insert the email and password that were used to create the Doinn account and press “Connect”.

First time login

The connection is now established.

Insert a default check-in and-check out time. These will be the set default times. Nevertheless, if a reservation is made with different check-in and check-out times, the reservation times will be the ones that will be taken into account.

First time login

After that, back in the main platform, the host must go to the “Accommodations” menu:

enter each accommodation that they want to connect to Doinn, one by one, select “Doinn” and click on “Enable Communication”. Then host must complete the form with the required information and press “Save” or “Save and Exit”. Then you should proceed to the Doinn platform.

First time login

The integration is ready!

Your properties and your bookings will be automatically synchronized. Since today you will have your properties guest-ready just with one simple click. If you need help, send us an email to: integrations@doinn.co