Housekeeping and laundry for short rentals made simple, instant and automatic

a five star experience for your guests

Certified cleans

All cleaning is done by professionals, with specific training, and following a rigorous and streamlined procedure.


Our laundry service is of industrial quality. We wash the bed linen and bath towels at high temperatures and with professional cleaning products. All rented linen and towels are maintained in optimum condition.

Linen Rental

All rented linen and towels are high quality, like those found in the best hotels. And there are no up front costs.

Check-in / Check-out

Welcome and accomodate the guests as well as make check-out when they leave and final apartment inspection. Let us know if you have questions.

Rules and Obligations

The owner must provide a copy of the key to Doinn that the cleaning company can be autonomous and perform the service on time.


Give instructions to specific services. Know what time your service has finished. Invoice per property. Schedule check-ins. Send service messages to the supplier. Upload many properties at once.

property manager advantages

Keep your apartment in the top with better reviews

grow portfolio

Focus on your customers and grow your portfolio immediately. we take good care of operations hassle and you can save up to 15 hours per apartment.

superb customer service

We work with the best companies in the market. One point of contact no matter how many cities or cleaning & laundry providers.

Count on the same team of cleaners for each clean

Because we understand the complexity, confidentiality and customization necessary for each clean. Because everything is adapted to your needs, building materials and decoration.

housekeeping inteligent predictor

We automatically predict the services you need to buy for your reservations that you can confirm with just 1 click.

efficient and fair

Hotel providers just one click away. Fair prices.

guest ready automation

Services booked in seconds directly from your PMS or with calendar sync. First end to end operations automation.

you can focus on customers

Focus on your business and customers. Outsource quality cleaning and laundry.

hassle free operations

Stop wasting time and resources with housekeeping and laundry.

professional hotel providers

Have access to professional, well reputated hotel providers including industrial laundry and linen rental.

flexible and single invoice

Define how you want to receive your invoice per apartment.

doinn operational management

Dedicated Doinn expert account manager that will become your operations manager.

key metrics for your business

Important operational KPI for your business including traceability and cost reporting.

better reviews

standard and quality cleaning guest experience.

seamless pms or calendar sync integration

Let us know your PMS, we can integrate directly from reservations screen. In case you don’t use a PMS we can upload your reservations from calendar sync.

easily grow to other cities

Operate your short rentals portfolio worldwide from the sofa. Manage properties in different cities and countries and go global with us.