Guest Ready apartments and villas directly from your PMS reservations

a five star experience for your guests

Certified cleans

All cleaning is done by professionals, with specific training, and following a rigorous and streamlined procedure.


Our laundry service is of industrial quality. We wash the bed linen and bath towels at high temperatures and with professional cleaning products. All rented linen and towels are maintained in optimum condition.

Linen Rental

All rented linen and towels are high quality, like those found in the best hotels. And there are no up front costs.

Check-in / Check-out

Welcome and accomodate the guests as well as make check-out when they leave and final apartment inspection. Let us know if you have questions.

Rules and Obligations

The owner must provide a copy of the key to Doinn that the cleaning company can be autonomous and perform the service on time.


Give instructions to specific services. Know what time your service has finished. Invoice per property. Schedule check-ins. Send service messages to the supplier. Upload many properties at once.

pms advantages

Keep your apartment in the top with better reviews

seamless hapi integration

Doinn housekeeping API is quite simple to integrate. PMS-> Doinn or Import hAPI (no development required to the PMS, Doinn pulls automatically all apartments and reservations).

more revenue and retention

Grow your revenue and increase property managers retention with simplifying their operations.

your clients can now go global

Allow your property managers to grow their portfolio globally and easily escalate to other cities.

be a special pms

Unfair advantage over other PMS. Be innovative and allow your property managers to have guest ready apartments/villas with 1click directly from your reservations software.

don’t miss the train

Don’t miss this oportunity, other big PMS are already integrated with Doinn like BookingSync, Guesty, Hostaways and more.

ready when you need

You can buy services till 48 hours before the check-in, order Doinn services is simple and fast, no need to visit the apartments before the first service.

better reviews for your property manager

Create a standardised cleaning guest experience.

full sync import/export api

Doinn -> PMS or export hAPI, the PMS clients can immediately see price of services in Reservation Screen and book in 1 click.

the future is here

First end to end automated solution transforming all PMS reservations imediatelly into shiny guest ready apartment.

housekeeping inteligent predictor

We automatically predict the services needed to buy from PMS reservations. Confirmation with just 1 click.

superb customer service

We work with the best companies in the market. One point of contact ready to solve any issues, no matter how many cities or cleaning & laundry providers.We work with the best companies in the market. One point of contact ready to solve any issues, no matter how many cities or cleaning & laundry providers.

standard operating procedures

Hotel housekeeping providers follow standard operation procedures. The SOP helps to maintain quality and consistency of service and standards in apartments, although each property may have an specific checklist as well..