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The commercial laundry with linen rental service is always combined with a cleaning service.

Before booking this service, check with Doinn if the linen to rent is available for the desired period.

It is necessary to request a laundry service, at least, every 30 days, to guarantee the correct state of the freshness of the linen.

Rented linen is always hotel-quality and white for a maximum hygiene guarantee. The sheets/covers/pillowcases are 100% cotton or 50% cotton, 50% polyester, depending on the location and the supplier, and the towels are thick and resistant (minimum 400 g per m2).

Rented linen belongs to the Supplier and can only be laundered by him; it is explicitly forbidden to launder the linen by third parties.


Doinn designates clothing sets as kits. We differentiate two types of kits: double kits and single kits.

  • A double kit consists of 1 x double duvet cover, 1 x double sheet, 2 x pillowcase, 2 x bath towel, 2 x face towel.
  • An individual kit consists of 1 x individual duvet cover, 1 x individual sheet, 1 x pillowcase, 1 x bath towel, 1 x face towel.

Also available for rent: bath mats, tea towels, and all the items that make up the kits separately.

Quilts, blankets, cushion covers, bedspreads, and pillows are not available for rent.

The commercial laundry procedure combines the precision of its operators with the efficiency of its machinery.

This procedure guarantees the highest degree of quality. The technical teams implement treatments adapted to each item, to achieve conditions for cleaning and disinfecting the clothes that guarantee perfect hygiene.

Our suppliers guarantee that water, energy, and chemical products are used in their facilities rationally.

Regular quality controls are carried out throughout the entire procedure: entrance control, dryers, drying and shipment preparation.

When an item no longer matches the desired quality standards (visible holes, stains, tears, and wear) it is discarded and replaced

Cleaning team process:

  1. They store and transport the linen; they manage the dirty and the clean linen - in the UK, linen is stored and distributed by the linen supplier; the deliveries are made within the cleaning service time slots;
  2. They pick up and count dirty linen: damaged or missing linen will be reported and charged
  3. They make beds with clean linen;

Clothing treatment process:

  1. Washing clothes at high temperatures with antiallergic and environmentally friendly chemicals
  2. Ironing and drying in calenders (industrial process).

Additional notes:

  • Laundry workers are required to use resistant and disposable masks and gloves.
  • We recommend that guests, at the time of departure, leave all the linen they used in closed bags. This reduces direct contact of the cleaning team with clothing.
  • Dirty linen is never shaken, nor does it come into contact with any surface that has been disinfected, nor with the cleaner's uniform to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Dirty linen is stored and transported in closed plastic bags or containers, always separated from clean clothes.
  • The containers or bags in which dirty linen are transported are recommended to be disinfected after each use, or eliminated.
  • After a contact with dirty linen when striping the bed, the cleaner should change gloves or wash them with soap for at least than 20 seconds

Security deposit

The deposit payment is made by booking the first clothing rental service, according to selected pieces.

Payment is made through the platform when booking the service: it is the last step of the reservation.

This deposit is returned every time the client does not intend to continue using this service; only the value of lost or permanently damaged parts are discounted.

The delivery of linen clothes is combined with a cleaning service.

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