doinn integrations

hAPI moment for the housekeeping hassle

Infograph - guest ready apartment

Doinn brings the vacation rental the first end-to-end automation from the guest reservation to the guest ready apartment

Infograph - Doinn automation

Thanks to the seamless integration of our API, any vacation rental related software can now automatically buy and/or resell housekeeping and laundry services

Infograph - Doinn platform assings services to providers

Doinn’s platform automatically assigns the tasks to the dedicated provider

Infograph - simple, instant and automatic

Guest ready apartments made simple, instant and automatic


Doinn is all the help you ever needed. We bring local accommodation owners or managers in touch with the best cleaning and laundry services. To do this we use a thorough, highly professional platform with a service that is always, at the very least, brilliant.

integration options

transform reservations into guest ready apartments


Doinn housekeeping API (hAPI)

  • The PMS preferred option.
    Hassle free API integration that allows any vacation rental related platform to buy/offer our services directly in their system.
    A full automation for guest ready properties, a clear competitive advantage for PMS or Channel Managers.

    Interested? Send us an email to:

Calendar Sync

  • Immediate and simple.

    Add the reservation calendars links (iCal) in the profile of the apartment.

    The platform pre-books the services you need and waits for your confirmation.

PMS (property management systems)

  • For PMS or a large property manager with their own API and no development capacity, Doinn can easily implement your API and import apartments and reservations directly in our platform.

    Your PMS is not with Doinn?
    Send us an email to: