Hostaway Integration

how to integrate Hostaway and Doinn

Get your Hostaway Account ID and API Key in your Hostaway´s dashboard > settings > integrations.

Go to dashboard, click settings and click integrations.

NOTE: Safely keep the API key. We will only show it once and we are not able to find it afterwards. If you request a new API key, the previous one will not work, causing some system to not work anymore.

Hostaway api key

Login Doinn

After register in Doinn platform, choose Property Managers.

First time login

If you already have some properties, click your name and choose Profile.

Profile menu

Choose the Hostaway Integration

Click Hostaway activate button.

Choose integration

Activate Hostaway

After activate Hostaway, fill the Hostaway Account ID and API Key.

Hostaway Doinn Integration Data

Configure Doinn Hostaway integration settings

Automatize the services you would like to outsource with us and the default check in and check out hours of your properties.

Hostaway Doinn Settings

Integration ready

Properties and reservations will be synced and services generated automatically in the next poll. You can then click ok and proceed to purchase in one click.

Hostaway Doinn Ready