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Services certified for your personal comfort and safety

For the health and safety of the guests as well as the cleaning staff, we recommend that the cleaning is carried out after, at least, 3 hours after the guests check-out.

In the situation of a turnover cleaning after the stay of a person infected with SARS CoV 2 or that might pose an additional risk (e.g. health workers), the cleaning is carried out at least 24 hours after the check-out, the recommended time gap being 72 hours.

Please, communicate in advance - through the service notes - any case of an infected person or that might pose an additional risk.

Suppliers use only products approved for use in the countries/territory they operate. Suppliers have and can make available data sheets of all the chemicals they use in cleaning. Any disinfecting products are applied after the cleaning is made and are left to act for at least 10 minutes before being rinsed with warm water. They never mix two or more different detergents/chemicals.

The following products are recommended for cleaning and disinfection in the United Kingdom: EN14675 or EN14476 products or EN14476:2013+A2:2019 - the latter have been tested on and found to be effective on SARS-CoV-2. Sodium hypochlorite and 70% Ethanol (Anhydrous Alcohol) are also effective.

The wipes/cloths used for cleaning are colour coded (for each of the cleaned areas) and one-use-only or carefully cleaned and disinfected after every service. Floor cleaning mops and buckets are one-use-only or carefully cleaned and disinfected after every service.

It is mandatory to use personal protective equipment by the cleaning staff: a protective overall (if applicable), a mask (a certified one - please check with your local health authority for recommendations), and strong one-use gloves. Cleaners should be trained on how to use and remove the PPE.

During cleaning, the shoes used for walking outdoors shouldn’t be used. The soles of indoors shoes should be disinfected after each cleaning and before leaving the property. In the case of any observed hazard such as broken glass or bodily fluids (vomit, blood etc) or other unknown substances one-time shoe covers should be used.

The cleaning staff should always wash hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds ALWAYS before and after the cleaning (before and after putting on the gloves) or, if washing hands is impossible, use an appropriate hand disinfectant.


  • If the property seems to be occupied, cleaners should report it immediately;
  • They open the windows in order to assure a good ventilation of the space;
  • Wipe the windows from the inside including the frames;
  • Wipe the doors;
  • Wipe and disinfect the knobs*;
  • Wipe away, if possible, any stains or black marks from the walls;
  • They disinfect any other frequently touched areas such as other knobs, handles, light switches, window sills and handrails*.


  • They open the windows and the door;
  • They remove the garbage and dirty linen, including mattress covers (if applicable);
  • They wipe and, if applicable,disinfect* any hard surfaces of the bed and the bed stands;
  • They make the bed using clean linen, including clean mattress covers;
  • Clean pillows and mattress protectors should be used for each changeover - make sure that you have them available;
  • They wipe the furniture and the mirror;
  • Wipe and disinfect the iron (if applicable)*;
  • Wipe the floor and disinfect it; leave to dry.


  • They open the window (if applicable) and the door;
  • Remove all the personal hygiene products left by the guests as well as toilet rolls and put in the rubbish;
  • Clean the mildew with appropriate products if necessary;
  • Clean and disinfect the bathroom sink, bidet, bathtub and showe base and/or cabin; rinse with hot water and let dry;
  • Clean and disinfect toilet bowl and seat using separate cloths/wipes (outside) and the toilet brush (inside); rinse with hot water and let dry;
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet brush support and handle;
  • Wipe and disinfect the toilet flush;
  • Wipe and disinfect shower gel and shampoo dispensers, soap dish/dispenser etc., if applicable*;
  • Wipe and disinfect the laundry bin if applicable*;
  • Wipe and disinfect the stainless steel parts such as faucets and drains*;
  • Clean and disinfect shower glass and/or curtain;
  • Dispose of the rubbish; clean and disinfect the dust bin (interior and exterior); place a bin bag inside;
  • Wipe the floor and disinfect it; leave to dry.
  • Leave fresh towels, toilet rolls and, if applicable, toiletries.


  • They open the windows and the door;
  • Put all the dishes in the dishwasher; dishes should be washed at a high temperature (if there is no dishwasher available, the dishes should be washed by hand with bleach and hot water*);
  • All the food products are removed from the fridge and from the kitchen cabinets and put in the rubbish as well as sponges, cloths and scrubbers;
  • They wipe the exterior of the kitchen cabinets; wipe and disinfect any knobs* and other frequently touched points as well as countertops;
  • Wipe the interior of the kitchen cabinets;
  • Wipe the kitchen appliances (interior and exterior); disinfect* the surfaces that pose a high risk of transmission such as handles, switches etc.;
  • Wipe the backsplash;
  • Wipe and disinfect kitchen utensils such as salt and pepper dispensers, olive oil dispensers etc.*;
  • Wipe and disinfect* the table and the chairs;
  • They dispose of the rubbish; clean and disinfect the dust bin (interior and exterior); place a bin bag inside;
  • They wipe the floor and disinfect it; leave to dry.


  • They open the windows and the door;
  • Wipe the furniture, lamp fixtures, mirrors, paintings and any other decorative items;
  • Wipe and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as knobs, table tops, chairs, handrails, remote controls, if applicable*;
  • The appropriate procedure for cleaning and sanitizing upholstery, curtains, carpets and any other items made of fabric and/or leather is assessed individually;
  • Wipe the floor and disinfect it; leave to dry.

Final Procedures

  • They disinfect the keys to the property, the doorknob as well as the doorbell button*;
  • Make sure that all the procedures mentioned above have been completed;
  • Remove and dispose of, correctly, the personal protective equipment as well as one use cleaning materials


  • It will include any abnormal situations observed during the service through the Doinn app (including stains on mattresses, pillows or upholstery, any damage, electricity or water problems);
  • As well as photos taken of key points by area with the main focus on the bathroom and kitchen (including the fridge, the stovetop and the oven as well as the microwave oven); upload through the Doinn app;
  • Photos of any damaged object or other abnormal situations observed; upload them to the app.

(*) The disinfection steps included in the “Disinfection upgrade” extra.

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