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Domestic cleaning services are carried out according to the guidelines and preferences of the landlord and/or another person that lives in the apartment. Ideally, the physical contact between the cleaner and other people should be limited to the necessary minimum only.

Any case of an infected person or that might pose an additional risk should be communicated in advance - through the service notes - to Doinn and its Suppliers.

Suppliers use only products approved for use in the countries/territory they operate. Suppliers have and can make available data sheets of all the chemicals they use in cleaning. Any disinfecting products are applied after the cleaning is made and are left to act for at least 10 minutes before being rinsed with warm water.

Never mix two or more different detergents/chemicals.

The wipes/cloths used for cleaning are colour coded (for each of the cleaned areas) and one-use-only or carefully cleaned and disinfected after every service. Floor cleaning mops and buckets are one-use-only or carefully cleaned and disinfected after every service.

The person that ordered the service can opt to use other cleaning products available in the apartment or wipes, cloths, mops etc. as long as they are in good condition of use and properly disinfected.

It is mandatory to use personal protective equipment by the cleaning staff: a protective overall (if applicable), a mask (a certified one - please check with your local health authority for recommendations) and strong one-use gloves. Cleaners should be trained on how to use and remove the PPE.

During cleaning, the shoes used for walking outdoors shouldn’t be used. The soles of indoors shoes should be disinfected after each cleaning and before leaving the property.

The cleaning staff should always wash hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds ALWAYS before and after the cleaning (before and after putting on the gloves) or, if washing hands is impossible, use an appropriate hand disinfectant.

The service should be always when possible carried out with open windows in order to assure a good ventilation of the space.

Any garbage should be always disposed of according to the relevant local regulations.

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