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Doinn gives power to cleaning and laundry companies. If you have a professional cleaning company or laundry team, and you have the DOINN spirit, come and join us. Let’s grow and shine together.








we are doinn it all for you

increase your revenue TODAY

Benefit from new sales channels. Start receiving jobs immediately after register and onboarding is completed.

online marketing

Exposing your company to untapped markets and clients. be part of doinn professional companies community and grow with us.

operations made simple

Fantastic dashboard with all capabilities to improve operations, sales and processes.

easy communication with staff

Seamless calendar integration. Easily add all housekeeping jobs to the cleaners calendars or print job assignments.

save time and save money

Save time, save money in your daily operations planning with our unique HOO - Housekeeping Operations Optimizer.

payments and invoices made simple

Receive all payments smoothly. Doinn is your one point of contact. Invoicing customers was never so easy.

untapped markets for your company

Seamless connection with po, pm, pms, cm, hosts associations and many other business.

simple management of housekeeping operations

The average 2h to prepare next days cleaners tasks are over! Doinn is working in tools to help you with all staff operations and route optimization.

simple to cash in with collections risk free

We pay immediately at the end of each month. Stop having issues with receiving money from customers. Avoid collections.

we are doinn it all for you

Cost efficiency software that optimizes and simplifies cleaning and laundry management.

important metrics for your business

Important KPI and cost reports to optimize your business.

let’s grow together, doinn a professional market leader

be part of doinn professional companies community and grow with us.

resources management

Staff working hours calculation and reports.

automatic onboarding in seconds

Simple and automatic onboarding where is possible to select areas and cities as well as add your services price. You can selling services immediately after quick reputation, debts and establishment checks.

gateway for the vacation rental market and more

Many new customers, One single and flexible invoice.

awesome CRM

Relevant customer info including inteligent route planning and staff assigment.

innovative software for you to focus on growing your business

All in one innovative software for cleaning and laundry companies with several modules that can help you with : CRM with relevant customer info, Business Development (leads with no effort), Online Marketing exposing your company to untapped markets and clients.

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not everyone can be a DOINNer, but maybe you’re the one we are looking for

A DOINNer is experienced, professional and responsible.

They are honest, upstanding and true.

They are a perfectionist and are meticulous and exacting.

They are practical, agile and quick.

They are respectful, discreet and always friendly.

It’s about having experience but wanting to learn.

And most importantly, they love what they do.

Because when we love what we do, we do it well.

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