Checkin and Checkout (also known as Meet&Greet)

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Services certified for your personal comfort and safety

Doinn partners with a team of dynamic and experienced meet & greet agents, most with training in tourism.

They are always available to follow your Check-in/out instructions as well as answer any questions from your guests. They always have a good command of English although most speak several languages.

They have been trained to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and are required to measure their temperature before attending the guests.

The use of the mask by both guests and the meet & greet agent is mandatory.

We recommend that you use disposable shoe protectors when entering the flat.

Preparation as a housing manager for a check-in service when it is performed for the first time:

  1. Coordinate the key collection if applicable, it is recommended that this key remain with the meet & greet agent for future services
  2. Explain to the meet & greet agent the expectations that you have regarding his involvement in the communication with the guest. It is recommended that the meet & greet agent have the direct contact number and the flight number of the guest to reduce waiting times and extra charges
  3. If you have an online house manual, it is recommended that you insert the link in the apartment profile so that the meet & greet agent can access this information in advance
  4. Inform the meet & greet agent if you have experiences or activities to offer to the guest
  5. Inform the meet & greet agent if there are specific rules of use of the condo or neighborhood
  6. { 'If guests have special needs: wheelchairs, weight-bearing limitations or some limiting illness, we strongly advise you to inform the meet & greet agent via service note of our platform'|_ }

Preparation of the meet & greet agent 15 minutes before the scheduled check-in time:

  1. Understand the different keys/smart locks and any relevant tricks that might be needed to open the doors
  2. Test all lights, blinds, appliances, hot water, heating/air conditioning
  3. Open windows to air the flat for at least 5 minutes
  4. Heat or cool the property by connecting heating or air conditioning, if necessary
  5. Report through the app any anomaly, damage or maintenance situation
  6. Read the house manual if you haven\'t received it through the platform


  1. Receive guests, if possible in their language or, alternatively, in English
  2. Ask them if they are in a hurry to understand the level of detail with which they want the property to be presented to them
  3. Ask them if they already know the city and, if it seems appropriate, the reason for the visit to understand what information may be useful for them.
  4. Show all the divisions of the property.
  5. Explain the functioning of the equipment/amenities in each division, verifying it in front of the guests
  6. Kindly request passports or ID to complete registration forms if necessary for the competent authorities of each country. If this process can be done through an app, make sure that they have no doubts on how to do it and, if possible, do the registration with them
  7. Share with them emergency contact numbers
  8. Share with them the relevant local recommendations issued in order to minimize the spread of coronavirus, such as avoiding the shared use of the elevator, the use of masks when the safety distance cannot be avoided, and all updated local regulations.
  9. Inform them of the basic symptoms of coronavirus infection and the necessary steps that should be made if they have them.
  10. If possible, provide them with one free city map, explaining where the house is as well as the main points of interest
  11. Ask them at what time they will check out and report it via app
  12. If applicable, hand over the keys and explain what to do with them upon departure

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