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Villa Buraux: How to get the most out of Doinn integration with Smoobu

For most of our hosts, the main concern in their vacation rentals is always to offer the best service. It is not enough just to have a unique and ideal accommodation that invites you to dream of the perfect vacation, since it will be of no use if the guest experience leaves much to be desired.

That is why at Doinn, we continue to join PMS, channel managers and other platforms that enable integrations and automations that make managers lives really easier.

Especially after so many complicated months for most managers. The instability in the tourism sector has been palpable, but the return to pandemic is already a reality. Today we introduce you to Sonia, Founder and owner of Villa Buraux, she started in the world of vacation rental because she is a true believer of the industry.

And because she understands first-hand what poor management can translate in a vacation rental property. Precisely, Sonia is proud to say, her main objective is to provide the best service from the moment the reservation is made until the guest finishes their stay.

A few weeks ago Sonia accepted the challenge and today we share her story with everyone. And how integrating your Smoobu reservations with Doinn allows you to offer the best service and have the confidence and support of our cleaning services.

Villa Buraux, began its efforts more than 6 years ago and today they share their opinions about using both tools in their business: Smoobu and Doinn..

Quote: "At Villa Buraux looking for a way to avoid having to manage the reservations in one place and, on the other hand, the cleaning with an external team and above all that it was "offline".

Doinn users - Villa Buraux

The problem?

"We needed a connected tool for better monitoring in real time that would also lead to savings in management". That is how Sonia story began and now we are sure she does not even remember how she used to manage these tasks before.

“Having to manage reservations on the one hand and an external cleaning team on the other was quite complicated”.For any host managing more than 3 properties, this can be a nightmare

Sonia currently manages several properties in the areas of Roses and Altea (Valencia).Handling reservations and cleanings before the check-in of the next guests was a daunting task. Even more so when there are several types of accommodation, such as apartments, private houses and larger villas, and the cleanliness of each one represents its own particularities.

This is where our tandem comes into play, since, as Sonia says: "what I like the most about Smoobu and Doinn is the ease of the process: reservations, cleaning and payments in the same place and online".For many hosts and vacation property managers, the fact that they can run all of their business operations from anywhere in the world is an added bonus.

Quote: "Everything is connected with the cleaning company, the invoicing is direct and I have control from the beginning to the end of the service. I can include notes for the cleaning service during each service. It is perfect, easy and simply.".

The changes after the pandemic:

There is no doubt that the pandemic affected the industry from the obvious reasons such as the lack of reservations, to the changes that have settled in the guest experience.We at Doinn have been talking about these changes for some time, if you missed it take a look here.

Undoubtedly,one of the consequences of the pandemic has been the drastic change in the relationship between guest and host: “customers now prefer simpler and faster communication, but also impersonal.” This is what Sonia tells us and it is that we have all changed our ways of relating to each other, and the tourism sector was not going to be any different.For any host managing more than 3 properties, this can be a nightmare

Both Smoobu and Doinn, we are aware that these changes are real and that is why we invite you to manage processes more efficiently with our integration.

Learn NOW, how to integrate Smoobu + Doinn

Doinn + Smoobu: The perfect solution

This preference for online management is not only typical of guests, but also of the way in which hosts and managers now use other tools. They are continually looking for options in the market to lighten their daily tasks and focus on guests 100%.

And now there are a thousand and one ways to automate, but the objective for which you want the technology will always be more important because there are many tools.

In the case of Sonia, she tells us that “During the pandemic we chose to automate check-in and work with solutions for prices and payments, such as Wheelhouse and Charge-Automation, which we discovered thanks to Smoobu online webinars”.

As you can see at Doinn we are not the only ones obsessed with creating a community and showing you new technologies. Smoobu also has a large number of integrations to carry out your day-to-day tasks in a more agile way.

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As we mentioned before, all automations and technology implementations have to be goal-based.And Sonia ones were clearly defined. That is why every customer testimony is important to us.

Quote: "I recommend this integration to other hosts because you have everything connected with the cleaning company, direct billing, control of the start and stop of each service or the possibility of including notes so that the cleaning service takes them into account in each service! Everything is perfect.

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Without a doubt, the conclusion we draw from this testimonial is clear : they have emerged stronger from a moment of great difficulty. The pandemic forced them to make urgent decisions and rely on specialized tourist rental tools to manage their properties.

Now they reap the rewards: better reviews, benefits, and peace of mind for both themselves and their guests.