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Reeds view: How Smoobu and Doinn allowed them to be omnipresent.

There is a road where both travelers and vacation rental hosts join together and that is: having the perfect experience. It is not enough to have a dream vacation rental. Especially for our hosts, providing the best possible service is still the ultimate goal to strive for.

It is not enough just to have a unique and ideal accommodation that invites you to dream of the perfect vacation since it will be of no use if the guests have a poor experience.

Vacation rental cleanliness has been at the forefront in recent months. For guests and hosts alike, sanitation and hygiene measures have become part of the routine. However, for many hosts and managers, it has meant more work, especially when the booking rate has started to pick up after the relaxation of restrictions.

That is why at Doinn, we continue to join PMS, channel managers, and other platforms that enable integrations and automations that make managers lives really easier.

Especially after such a couple of complicated months. The instability in the tourism sector has been evident, but the return to reality is already here.

Today we present to you Francisco, Founder, and owner of Reed’s view. He is a small property owner with 3 properties based in different locations: Oeiras and Caniço. He actually started the business as a side hussle and ended up being a true entrepreneur in the industry.

And he understands deeply the meaning of a “GREAT” experience as he describes himself as an avid traveler and never misses the opportunity to meet new places as well as other cultures. A cultural mind which now takes all of this into the soul of his properties.

A few weeks ago Francisco accepted the challenge and today we share his story with everyone. About how integrating his Smoobu bookings with Doinn allows him to offer the best service and have the confidence and support of our cleaning services.

For Francisco owning a short-term rental and being unable to leave anywhere of them made operations very difficult.

Reeds View Portugal

The problem?

For Francisco, it was very difficult to cope with the daily tasks and operations of his properties when he was unable to live in the locations where the properties are.

“Having to manage reservations on the one hand and an external cleaning team on the other was quite complicated”.For any host managing more than 3 properties, this can be a nightmare

As happens to many hosts who are just starting out, for Francisco the start of his business was marked by chaos when it came to managing his bookings and extra services."I did not have a concrete process to handle the properties, so it was a “BIG” challenge to keep everything up to date."

This is where our integration comes into play, since, as Francisco explains, he had two main “pain points”:

He can supervise local teams and make sure everything is working correctly.

A lack of processes and order in the way of handling the business.

Quote: "The integration of Smoobu and Doinn is very easy to use. I can manage my vacation rental business from the palm of my hand."

At Doinn, this story especially touches our core as we believe our platform can be used by any property owner: small businesses, medium property managers, and big handlers.

And not only this but when using Doinn you will have a big advantage as you can run all of your business operations from anywhere in the world. For Francisco, this was his “SALVATION”.

The changes after the pandemic:

That is when the pandemic forced Francisco to look for tools that could help him navigate the new difficulties. "The pandemic was definitely the turning point for me. I realized that I had to change my management model and automate tasks that I used to be able to do myself. It was no longer enough to just check to book and do the cleaning when the guest checked out. Now it is a lot more details to take into account, and above all, my guests want to make sure everything has been carefully sanitized."

The integration between Doinn and Smoobu was the perfect match for Francisco. Now, bookings and communication between the housekeeping services were all in one place, so now he had a process. "The amount of manual labor hours I have saved is very significant. I do not have to worry as much as I used to, because I know everything is in good hands. Communication with my cleaning team is efficient and fast, which is a real plus."

If everything we are saying right now makes you feel identified.

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Doinn + Smoobu: The perfect solution

The positive result is clearly seen in the reviews of his guests. "Before the reviews from my guests used to be quite positive and highlighted the location or the amenities of my properties. But now they are much better, and mention the care and cleanliness, as well as the speed in handling reservations."

Francisco has been able to see firsthand that the best experience for a guest is not measured in panoramic views or good decoration, but in that, they can be completely carefree during their stays and make life as easy as possible for them.

One detail Francisco highlighted about the integration of Doinn and Smoobu is the ease of connection between platforms and other integrations with host tools. "During the pandemic, I started using tools to optimize pricing for my tourist accommodations given the constant changes in the industry."

Same as the other cases we’ve seen using our integration. Automation and other tools are also taking shape in this market.

Smart pricing tools, as Francisco points out, are a great ally for vacation rental hosts, and combined with smart locks, lighting systems, temperature controllers, and smoke detectors they are a step closer to maximum efficiency for each property.

Our partner Smoobu also has a large number of integrations to carry out your day-to-day tasks in a more agile way.

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As we mentioned before, all automations and technology implementations have to be goal-based.And Sonia ones were clearly defined. That is why every customer testimony is important to us.

Quote: ""With Smoobu and Doinn I offer a 360° service in my vacation rentals, which puts me above my competitors. One might think that offering more extras might mean more work for the host, but it is just the opposite. Everything is automated and I can adjust it how and when I want."

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Francisco is one of the thousands of hosts who have emerged stronger from consolidating its business by this integrations. His testimony confirms that the combined solutions of systems such as Smoobu and Doinn have brought better results to our users and allowed them to open up new management options previously unknown.

Not only do they now offer more peace of mind to their guests, but their vacation rental businesses have become more professional, efficient, and profitable.