what are we doinn?

a five star experience for your guests

Certified cleans

All cleaning is done by professionals, with specific training, and following a rigorous and streamlined procedure.

Linen and Towel Rental

All rented linen and towels are high quality. Each set consists of sheets (single or double), a duvet cover, pillowcases (1 or 2), face towels (1 or 2) and bath towels (1 or 2).


Our laundry service is of industrial quality. We wash the bed linen and bath towels at high temperatures and with professional cleaning products. All rented linen and towels are maintained in optimum condition.

Concierge Services

Receiving and accommodating guests, as well as check-in and final inspection, all can be arranged. Just let us know what you need.

guest-ready platform

Doinn is all the help you ever needed. We bring local accommodation owners or managers in touch with the best cleaning and laundry services. To do this we use a thorough, highly professional platform with a service that is always, at the very least, brilliant.

why doinn business with us?

a variety of advantages

Never miss a spot

With technology on our side, we can do everything. Our platform helps to eliminate the errors in our service. Automatically schedule the services you need without wasting any more time managing your properties.

The best deal

By negotiating on behalf of the host community, we get the most competitive prices and the highest quality suppliers. For you, this means recieving the best service at the best price.

Enjoy life more

We make life easier for those who have local accommodation because we know there are more interesting things to do in life than managing operations. Save time and stop worrying.

Get the best reviews

Make sure that everyone who stays in your home leaves a glowing review. Whenever you schedule our services, a professional cleaning team will leave it spic and span so that your guests will recommend it to everyone.

Reduce your costs

Pay only for what you need, and turn your fixed costs into variable costs. Outsource your cleaning, and save yourself time, money and worry.


We bring together the best of both worlds. We only work with experienced professionals and hotel providers who can consistently perform industry standard service. While at the same time we understand the individual needs of private accommodation providers. We have got you covered.

who is doinn this?

the doinners are a team of dreamers and doers

why doinn this?

The seed of DOINN was planted after a world trip with nights spent in vacation rentals, many of which were not in the best condition. Since 2014, we have helped to improve the quality and comfort of local accommodation through a technological platform that responds in an integrated and optimized way to all the operational needs of hosts and managers of local accommodation.

This platform puts hosts and managers in contact with a network of professional cleaning and laundry services. All of our services keep the high expectations of guests` comfort in mind while aiming for the best possible recommendation for your property.

Do you like our 5-star idea?

In 2015, after reaching the Top 10 of the Lisbon Challenge, and being recognised as one of the 10 companies in the tourism sector to keep an eye on, Doinn launched its services for local accommodation in Lisbon and Cascais.

In 2016, it expanded to Porto and Paris. 2017 was the year of expansion for Barcelona and Madrid, eight more cities in France and 14 in the Algarve. It is incubated in Beta-i, one of the most emblematic projects of entrepreneurship in Lisbon and Portugal.