10 Tips for Making Thanksgiving Successful For Your short-term rental

Thanksgiving 🦃🍗

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many short-term rental managers are thinking about how to make this holiday a success. With the holiday season in full swing, Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for hosting guests. You may end up putting too much pressure on yourself, which will affect your health.

We know you want everything perfect,  so we have found some great tips for making Thanksgiving a successful business day for you and your company.

Why Thanksgiving is a great day to be spent in a short-term rental

Thanksgiving is a day that celebrates the things we are thankful for. It is a time of love, family, and family time. But most of us can not afford a house to hold a dinner for so many people, so a staycation in a short-term rental is a great solution.

If you are afraid of getting a loud party and/or an extremely dirty kitchen, you should follow these tips: 

1. Make sure guests have a proper in-person check-in. Smart locks are great for autocheck-in for regular days, but it is worth dedicating 30 minutes to this reservation on such a special day. 

2. Explain in detail how the kitchen works if they will be cooking there and subtly let them know you expect to find things as clean as you leave them. 

3. As you can imagine, every tip about nice shops that will be open for Thanksgiving around your place will be more than welcome.

4. If you have extra Thanksgiving decorations for them to borrow, they probably will fit your table better than whatever they bring from their home

5. Make sure you have enough cutlery and crockery for all the guests

The no-party policy

6. Be clear about your no-party policy, we want them to feel at home but respect the house as if they were in their in-law´s house.

7. If they are staying for more than one day, offer an in-stay cleaning service. They will be more than grateful to save the clean-up time and sharing the cleaning fee between the guests will make it very affordable. 

8. Let them know where are the table games and/or a whiteboard to play, it will generate good memories and will avoid even the youngest to spend time on their screens

9. Prepare simple Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props with your logo or a QR code with your website or email. They will love it and will always have access to your contact in their pictures

10. Thank them for choosing to spend Thanksgiving in your place. This is the time of the year when we feel more comfortable thanking the people who make a difference in our lives. If they decide to book your place every year, it can be a game changer for your business and life.

Hello. This is Doinn.

Hello. This is Doinn

The new Doinn.

The Doinners have the same mission, but a new brand identity

The past 6 months at Doinn have been some of the most challenging and interesting for us as a company. We have been focusing on our strategy and discovering how we can fit in such a diverse and nuanced ecosystem ranging from Europe to the US and across the South East Asian markets.

Looking back we believe that our messaging was somewhat ambiguous and we wanted to bring greater clarity to what we do, and most importantly why we have embraced this mission. The Doinners have a B4B mindset, since we have always embraced our customer’s needs, and thrived on helping them grow. Ultimately we believe that this will shape our community and bring greater value to this industry that we all love so much.

Cleaning is critical and when not performed well can severely jeopardize profitability and competitiveness for the short-term rental operators. We are on a mission to digitize cleaning and laundry companies within just a few minutes, by providing them with a platform that will enable them to achieve excellence, perform far more efficiently and increase profitability. 

We are also helping hospitality operators save hundreds of hours per month, enabling their teams to focus on strategic activities such as growing their portfolio and driving greater revenue.

Doinn facilitates the relationship between our users via employing cutting-edge technology and thanks to our platform’s constant innovation. 

We felt it was the right time to equally enhance our communication and brand identity.

Doinn is the first platform to provide a full scope of predictable data intelligence, for sales, operations, HR and more. The data we harness is valuable to the Hospitality Operators as well as the Service Providers and all other players along this value chain.

Our mission of making a better world, promoting a responsible way of hosting, started as a dream and it’s coming true:

  1. We prioritize green cleaning companies.
  2. We optimize the linen deliveries and currently, 10% of them are done by bicycle. 
  3. We stand by the people! Our providers are free from exploitative practices and discrimination. They integrate people with disabilities and comply with labor laws. 
  4. We want to end the cleaners’ black market in the hospitality industry and bring financial transparency to improve tax and payment collection.

We want to inspire and help our users to better themselves and to turn their goals into reality 

We’re very excited about the clean and fresh look of our new website, and we hope you like it too!

Enjoy the journey

HOUSEKEEPERS WEEK. It´ s time to celebrate!


Housekeepers Week is our opportunity to celebrate the members of the housekeeping staff and show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

It’s a chance for everyone in the company to take a moment and recognize the vital role housekeeping plays in ensuring that guests have comfortable stays in your short-term rentals.

It was first observed in 1949 and was organized by The National Cleaning Management Association (now known as Cleaning Management Institute).

How do you show your appreciation for the housekeeping staff this week?

  • Buy them a gift.
  • Take them out for lunch or coffee.
  • Have a party for them!

Ways to show your appreciation for the housekeeping department throughout the year.

  • Invite housekeeping staff to lunch or dinner. This can be done individually, by department, or at a large company-wide event.
  • Send them as many as possible messages of appreciation and let them know they are appreciated by the company and valued as employees in the hospitality industry. Sometimes we just send them messages when we are disappointed with them!
  • Create a special bulletin board or notice board where you can display cards or letters from guests thanking housekeeping staff for their hard work, kind words, and dedication to making guests happy during their stay at your properties! They’re a great way to tell housekeeping staff that their hard work is appreciated by guests.
Housekeeping is not just about properties, it’s about providing a great experience for all the guests.


Housekeepers are the backbone of any property management company. They can make or break your guest experience, so it’s important to show them the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Housekeeping staff works hard every day to ensure that guests are pleased with their stay at your property, but it takes more than just good service to keep people coming back for more.

It doesn’t matter if you have your housekeepers under your paycheck or if you outsource the housekeeping service, they all need to have the feeling of belonging with your team.  It also takes recognition from management and front-line supervisors who understand how important these workers really are!

Choosing the right linen for your short-term rental

Linen choice has become more and more important

And it should!

Your guest will be touching your linen for close to 1/3 of their stay. Isn’t it important that the quality of linen you provide is to the highest standard? 

A well-made bed can make or break a vacation. A bad night’s sleep can lead to a bad review for your rental. Because in the end, when you travel, you want something better than what you are used to at home.

We know you are starting to wonder what to get for the next season, and unless you are able to rent the linen, there are a few aspects to take in mind.

Are you struggling to choose the sheet material?

In today’s world, we have so many choices of materials. All with their quality and advantages. Just choosing linen, there is cotton, polyester, polyfiber, microfiber, blends… So, how do you choose what material is the best for your vacation home and is easily maintained by housekeeping? Let’s take a look at the most top-tier ones


Cotton: 100% cotton sheets and towels are a must in high-end accommodation. Just like your clothes, this will give you the most comfortable and homey feeling. Cotton is breathable and light. When used in a household setting, it’s perfect for a good night’s sleep and always the way to go. It’s washable at high temperatures so perfect when working with professional laundry services. But in a high turnover short-term rental, cotton might be tricky to maintain. Cotton wrinkles easily and to give that nice crip it needs to be ironed professionally. Cotton is recommended to be used in a linen rental program with a professional laundry that operates a calender.
Cotton is a natural product so that means it is better for the environment and some linen manufacturers have recycling programs for end-of-life linen.


These sheets are manufactured to last in a heavy environment and intent to be beaten down. Although some might feel nice to the touch, the manufacturing of these types of linen is not very ecologically friendly and will lower guest satisfaction. Although a long lifespan, polyester tends to turn gray because the fibers can burn an industrial laundry process. This is mostly a problem with towels


A combination that is used in a lot of full-service hotels. Although it is a very good option, guest experiences might vary depending on your supplier. It’s easy to maintain and tends to wrinkle less.


Although this is used a lot in short-term rentals, microfiber is a very un-ecological fabric. It feels nice to the touch, looks good on the bed, and is easy to maintain. Because microfiber is also a polymer, it could be less hygienical because it can’t be washed at high temperatures which is one of the main characteristics of cotton 

Are people really counting the thread count?


Let’s start by debunking the myth. Thread count matters but to a certain extent. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch. The thread count on the packaging is a guideline from when the product was finished. After sheets are finished, they need to be washed so the fibers shrink, making the number of threads per square inch variable

When shopping for the right sheets, you want something that feels nice and breathable. The higher the thread count, the nicer the feel but the less breathable. The perfect thread count is not higher than 400 TC. Although a lower thread count doesn’t feel as nice, it is used a lot in warmer areas because it is very light.

I can’t emphasize enough the linen color:

You want to give your guest the cleanest experience in their short-term rental home, that is why white sheets should be preferred. Hotels only use white linen to improve quality control and make it easier to show that sheets are cleaned on a regular basis. We do understand that for short-term rentals, you sometimes want to switch it up and bring some color to the bed- and bathroom. This can easily be done by using a nice color throw or throw pillows.

The other advantage of using all white is consistency. When you would switch to a laundry service, they work with uniformity in order to not lose time during the sorting process. If you start using white linen in your rental, you will be future-proof. 

Bottom line?

We all grow up with the cleaning standards of hotels in mind…

…don´t be afraid of losing the authenticity of the short-term rental by having hotel-like linen, it just makes guests feel better than home 

New PMS partner: Meet Ynnov

Too many PMS options? Meet Ynnov a recognized option in the short-term rental market.

And as usual Doinn only partners with the best options in the industry.

This is the case of Ynnov, a 100% Portuguese PMS developed especially for vacation rental.

Keep reading all the details about PMS Ynnov 😉

Developed 100% in Portugal and in Portuguese:

Ynnov is a PMS that has been evolving for 12 years, bringing together some of the best tools.

Since its origin in 2010, Ynnov has maintained a process of continuous improvement that guarantees you, today, maximum efficiency in the management of your properties on all fronts where you can operate.

With a Portuguese team that understands the needs of the local industry.

In the market for 12 years, in constant evolution and growth, the Ynnov platform is today the most complete PMS available for the Portuguese market.

With its wide range of features, the Ynnov software guarantees an efficient and automated management of the entire operation, whether short term accommodation, hostels, or hotels.

By using Ynnov, hosts and property managers can save precious time in daily management, regain quality of life and focus on what is really important for their business.

Decreasing the probabilities of human error will increase customer satisfaction and increase the profitability of your properties.

Ynnov is considered one of the best Portuguese PMS and Channel Manager, as it maximizes productivity, allows a professional level of management and, consequently, maximizes positive results.

Since the creation of Ynnov, in 2010, the team’s main concern is the constant improvement of the software, to follow all the important developments in the evolution of the tourist market, as well as the main needs of its customers.

Therefore, today Ynnov guarantees maximum efficiency in the management of all aspects of the accommodation business.


The Ynnov software includes a powerful Channel Manager, which synchronizes with the main distribution channels, and a Property Management System, which allows customers to centrally manage all aspects of reservations and accommodation.

This also includes:

  • Communications to the SEF.
  • Emails and text messages.
  • Cleaning service
  • Maintenance
  • Online check-ins
  • Finance
  • INE/SREA reports, guest data, tourist taxes, digital keys, notifications and alerts, various automation mechanisms, staff, owners’ portal, and statistics.
  • With the additional certified invoicing software, YnnovFAT, invoicing is as fast and easy as a single click.

The Ynnov mobile application, available for iOS and Android systems, allows customers to always follow the daily activities of their business, no matter where they are.

Whether it’s check-ins and check-outs, cleaning, new bookings or other important aspects, it’s all in the app.

Ynnov also allows accommodation owners and managers to easily develop a personalized and attractive website to directly promote their brand/accommodation and attract direct bookings, not tied to distribution channel fees.

The web design is customizable, with a modern design, intuitive use, and full compatibility with mobile devices.

Editing multi-language content is easily done directly in the PMS software.

Having your own direct sales channel allows owners and managers to increase customer loyalty as well as direct bookings.

For those who already have a website, Ynnov also has a solution, a booking platform that can be connected to any website or used on social networks.

Cleaning and maintenance features:

Screenshot example of the Ynnov integration and shot from Doinn mobile app
Screenshot example of the Ynnov integration and shot from Doinn mobile app

Thanks to the Doinn integration, you will be able to manage your services through your Ynnov account with just a few clicks:

  • Access your Ynnov account and look in the user menu, in the upper right corner, and select “Personalizations”.
  • Once in the “Customizations” menu, select “Integrations”:
  • On the left side bar and then select “Doinn”. Enter the email and password that were used to create a Doinn account and press “Connect”.
  • That’s it!

You can check out more about the integration in this walkthrough.

What can you do with this integration?

  • Turn your bookings into cleanings
  • Get laundry services and linen rentals
  • Request any specific cleaning services offered by Doinn at your property.

Manage your business in the palm of your hand thanks to two software specialized in local accommodation.

And spend more time managing communication with your guests, booking prices, and more!

Vacation rental technology: types and comparisons.

Not only vacation rental technology for your business is about getting a PMS.

With this in mind, a property management software releases you from a bookings nightmare.

As well as getting your property bids improved which is extremely important.

But when you have a vacation rental business there is a lot of processes.

Maintenance, cleanings, check-ins, and a lot more tasks that are regularly done.

And of course, there are a handful of apps and software available to help you do this.

Because of this, choosing a proper tool that adapts to your needs and type of business can be complicated.

Therefore that is exactly why you need to read this article, we teach some tech to oversee it all!

Obviously, we tell you all about it just keep reading 👇👇

Types of vacation rental technology:

As we told you in a recent article about 2022 trends. Digitalization is not going anywhere.

That being said, is just a matter of time before more and more industries have been impacted by the use of technology.

First, find out which tasks you would like to automate or manage.

Get an objective: reduce hours in operations, reduce problems in the property with guests, etc.

If you choose operations the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning.

Vacation rental technologies
Room ready for guests – Vacation rental technologies

But you will also have:

  • Maintenance: plumbing, electricity, etc.
  • Manage staff.
  • Operate check-in and checkouts.
  • Get easier payments for these services.
  • Manage billings for services more transparently.
  • Sell extras to guests.

Also, keep in mind you will have to solve these issues for all of the properties you manage.

Don’t know about you, but we get tired just thinking about it! 😫

Meanwhile, on the alternative accommodation market, we are able to find:

Maintenance Platforms

Thinking about improving your maintenance requests and services? Check some of these options:

Marketplace and other tools

Equally important, is being able to diversify your income.

And start upselling to your guests is the perfect excuse, here is how you can do this:

  • Our partner CHEKIN has just launched a new feature to sell experiences and more. Check it all here.

Revolutionize the experience of your guests, increase the benefits of each reservation, get better reviews and get more direct reservations.

With Chekin newest feature, you can upsell things like an early check-in on your property.
  • Similarly, other things such as luggage storage when guests check out can be arranged to check our partner LUGGIT APP.
  • Not only luggage but also if you want to sell breakfast items or skies rental? Check out BNSELLIT.

Housekeeping Platforms

Ultimately, HOUSEKEEPING platforms are our favorite as we are the masters of this subject.

Therefore check all the details about the platforms we are comparing today:

DOINN vs VRscheduler vs Breezeway

What is Doinn?

Doinn connects top cleaning and linen rental companies with years of experience to property managers.

As a result, helps to standardize processes for alternative accommodation.

Vacation rental technology
A look into how Doinn platform

  • Property managers, BnB’s, hotels, and property owners in general, can have a platform to order services based on their booking calendars.
  • Buyers can follow up on the services performed in their properties through our app.

Doinn has been on the market since 2015 not only offering cleaning services but also: Linen rental, Laundry, Amenities, Deep cleaning, Move-in and move out services, Check-in, and Check out agents.

Now Doinn is available in 11 countries and more than 600 cities.

Doinn is more likely used by property managers and B2B rental management companies, Colivings, and other types of alternative accommodation providers.

What is VRscheduler?

In this case, VRscheduler offers operations and housekeeping Management for 10-100+ vacation rental, short-term and long-term properties.

VRScheduler is a platform for scheduling and tracking cleaners, inspectors, and maintenance staff.

VRScheduler works with your booking software to improve workflow. Save time, optimize labor and minimize costly mistakes.

VRScheduler allows different vendors to update the system and streamline employee task programming as needed.

Drag and drop a scheduling calendar for vendors such as cleaning companies, security companies, hot tub service companies, and so on.

Most likely used by: rental owners and management companies who manage teams and outsourcing services.

What is Breezeway?

Breezeway’s property operations platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work at properties, and delivers the best service experience to guests and homeowners.

Combining deep learning technology, robust property data, smart messaging, and mobile-first task management.

Breezeway is bringing service optimization to the property management space.

Their target markets include vacation rental managers, short-term rental operators, hotels & hostels, resorts, cleaning/maintenance services, & residential managers.

Comparison chart:

We have built this chart in order for you to be the judge in terms of the needs and tech of what you need.

Take a look:

Property management housekeeping platforms comparison chart

This information has been collected through online resources, we strongly suggest visiting this platform’s website if you need more info.

Finally, we believe this comparison chart is the best way to understand what you will need to have in consideration.

Why choose Doinn?

Doinn services area map

Now, why do we think Doinn is your best option?

Doinn has been in business since 2015, understanding the needs of the alternative accommodation market and improving our product.

  • Flexible and scalable.
  • Integrate with more than 10 TOP market PMS as well as iCal from airbnb and bookin.com
  • Buy certified services with proven quality.
  • Real-time service notice through the Doinn app.
  • Efficient communication with the cleaning staff through the app. (Just like WhatsApp!)
  • You will get an outstanding team behind the platform, online resources, and customer support 24/7.
  • The cleaning staff is able to report issues with photos, directly in your job summary for every service.

If by all means you still feel that you cannot be part of this, probably means you are a small owner with 1-2 properties.

In that case, we strongly suggest looking at the other options we presented or check this great article too😜

Thanks for checking out another one of our articles!

See you in the next one! And remember that: Doinn is here for good 😎

Channel manager, all in one solution: Meet Octorate!

A Channel Manager is definitely an extensive subject and of course here at Doinn, we care about giving you all the details on this type of solution.

Moreover, providing clean and tidy accommodation to your guests is a big part of your operations.

That is why we want to offer you various solutions and integrations. 

Today we are announcing our integration with a new property management solution: let’s welcome Octorate!

A complete suite with different features that will help you run your vacation rental company. 

See all the details about Octorate here below 😉

Octorate – the perfect solution for property management 

Thanks to the Octorate Channel Manager you will boost your visibility online and hence increase your reservations.

Octorate is Booking.com, Airbnb, and Expedia’s preferred partner.

As well as being integrated with +150 OTAs around the world.

Allowing you to potentially open your property to sell.

A channel manager like Octorate will definitely simplify your business and your daily activities.

You will have the chance to start getting many reservations on various portals.

But you can manage all of them from one platform (rates and availability update, restrictions, etc).

With Octorate, you can also start getting reservations without any commission costs thanks to the Booking Engine.

It is a booking platform compatible with any website and fully customizable.

However, in case you do not have any web page, you can get the OctoSite.

A real website that can be set up in a few minutes, already linked to the Booking Engine.

Housekeeping with Octorate & Doinn

Octorate is not only a great tool for property management because of all the channels you can work with.

But also an in-cloud platform compatible with any device and you do not have to install any software to use it!

By combining both powerful solutions you will have a new way of running your business with Octorate & Doinn.

Add the iCals of your properties to your Doinn account, you will be free of the hassle of cleanings.

Automate the turnovers with every new booking coming from the different channels.

This combined with the Octorate app will be a completely new way of running your business.

If you use the Octorate App on your phone, you will be able to use the following features:

Model Pics  – App

If you have a standardized way of arranging the furniture and amenities in the rooms, Octorate got your back!

You can save a gallery of pictures in the details of each room/apartment.

Screen of the octorate app

The cleaner will only have to download the Octorate App to see the pictures and keep them as a reference when taking care of the accommodation.

This functionality is particularly useful for new staff members!

Maintenance notes – App

Let’s suppose the cleaner spots a sink leaking in the bathroom of the accommodation.

They can easily leave a maintenance comment via the App, which will be visible to anyone in Octorate in relation to that specific room.

Why use Doinn & Octorate together

So let’s say that the cleaner is using the Octorate app to get your apartment to “look like” you want it.

But, are they following any specific technique not to miss a spot? 

Doinn has certified protocols and cleaners follow a very specific checklist to avoid losing any details when performing the service.

And remember the maintenance comment on the Octorate app?

You can follow up on that by creating a maintenance service with one of Doinn’s vendor to solve the problem!

Doinn notifications app
Doinn notifications app

As well as a bunch of other types of services:

  • Deep cleanings (To get the property ready after a long time been unused)
  • Linen rental and laundry
  • Common areas cleanings, and more!

On top of that get a Doinn host app in order to follow up and know when a service starts or finishes!

Great, right?

As you can see this partnership is thought of as making your life easier!

The partnership between Octorate and DOINN can really help you to improve and simplify the management of your property at the same time.

Thanks for reading and evaluating this solution for your business.

When using such a powerful property management solution as Octorate:

  • Your visibility online will be boosted
  • You will get much more reservations
  • Your workload will increase

However, we are offering you the right tools to keep all this under control!

DOINN and Octorate know it very well and aim at making operations for your property a smooth process.

Doinn is here for good, in more than 11 countries and 600 cities!

Do not worry about searching for trusted teams anymore, count us in.

See you in the next article! 👋👋

New PMS integration partner: Tokeet

PMS integration is always good news at Doinn!

Today we are welcoming our recent integrated partner: TOKEET

Tokeet it’s a great addition to our portfolio of integrations.

Tokeet offers a complete, fully integrated, and best-in-class suite of products for all aspects of a vacation rental business.

Their platform contains all the tools you need to grow from 1 to 1K rentals.

Providing a full-stack platform. Tokeet is a one-stop shop for vacation rental management software solutions.

This was more than an excellent reason to make an integration with them.

How does Tokeet works?

We know there are a lot of options to choose from on channel managers and tons of PMS solutions.

So we figured it was easier to share this video with you guys to hear the reasons directly from the horse’s mouth 😉

Tokeet is a Property Management System (PMS) launched in 2016 with over 50,000 rentals. 

Aimed at hosts and managers from 1 to 1,000 properties!

Tokeet’s solutions make it easy for vacation rental managers to coordinate reservations across multiple channels, automate tasks, and perfect pricing.

Why use the Tokeet – Doinn integration?

Remember that article where we talked about preparing after post-pandemic traveling?

One of the keys to this new era is digitalization.

And having a strong PMS allied is a very important part of this process.

By using a powerful tool for your property management and hooking it up with our solution you will be one step ahead! 

Doinn is not only a platform, it is an operations center!

Ready to help you get your properties ready when you need them!

How to integrate with Doinn?

tokeet pms doinn integration
Tokeet integration with Doinn

Check out this video to see how tokeet PMS and Doinn integration works!

Learn how to connect your Tokeet and Doinn account

Activate the integration in less than 3 minutes!

You can also read the complete help page here.

Remember by integrating Doinn you will also have a mobile app to get real-time information on your property operations!

You don’t want to miss our upcoming collaborations! Stay tuned for more of our partnership news on our social media and blog content!!

See you next time 👋🏻👋🏻

Tourism in 2022: most discussed trends.

Tourism in 2022. How did you imagine it? We bet, nothing like what we’ve experienced the past two years.

Many things have changed and that is precisely what has been discussed lately.

Doinn has been present at two key events recently: The travel innovation summit and FITUR.

We tell you a little about the events:

The travel innovation summit is a private event organized by a group of investors: Top Seed Lab.

With TOP characters in the world of tourism: Viajes el corte Inglés, Mélia, UNWTO and many others.

Discussing tourism trends and separating them from simple passing occurrences. Was the main subject of the event.

The themes that will really arise in the different tourism subsectors.

Travel innovation summit madrid

In the case of FITUR, surely you already know about this great event.

FITUR is a world-class event that has positioned itself as a tool for tourism. Its mission is to contribute to the recovery of tourism and grow the sector.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CY7GYDTjyDW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link FITUR 2022 inaugural photo

That’s exactly why we thought it important to write and discuss with you the trends, learnings and many interesting facts happening in tourism today.

It is important to highlight that these topics have been commented on in both events, which is why they’ve been selected for this article.

Sure there are many more things happening in this world but without a doubt, the topics that we deal with today here will continue to give something to talk about.

Let’s begin!

The digital transformation has no turning back

If there is something in which both events agree, it is that digitization in tourism will not go anywhere.

The pandemic has pushed all industries towards digital.

Terms like: smart tourism, smart travel, smart cities, are just a few that are constantly being heard.

And as a consequence of the pandemic, there was a great explosion of tourism towards the digital world.

And we are not just talking about using social networks or creating a website.

If not how new disruptive business models are transforming tourism for the future.

Below 3 examples of new businesses that are digital, disruptive, and innovative:

  • Can you imagine a completely digital luxury hotel? It is CitizenM’s proposal, you make the reservation online, check-in/check-out kiosks, and without seeing a person. Approaching a more modern and young traveler.
  • Borders are still closed in half the world. But in Atlanta with illuminarium you can visit amazing places in the world in its immersive experience.
  • Automation in hotels. Some hotels already turn off lights and regulate temperatures through devices and even welcoming robots read everything in this article.

If these 3 examples show us anything, it is that traditional tourism models will have to work to incorporate new verticals.

Because tourism has changed forever.

The opportunity of rural tourism

Another reality that was a consequence of the pandemic.

The main reason is almost obvious, after lockdowns we all want to reconnect with nature and be away from our noisy cities.

The problem?

These rural areas were not ready for change.

But it happened. And as a global phenomenon: the United States, China, France, Spain, and many more.

They have seen the numbers in their rural areas grow and now the job is to improve the user experience.

These are some of the actions for rural areas:

  • “Make my move” is an online platform where communities offer work and a rural area to live for nomads.
  • “A nomadic island” is Madeira’s proposal offering travelers a free community workspace, Wi-Fi, and exclusive events every day at the John dos Passos centre.

The digital nomads are here to stay

If you remember, a few months ago we told you exactly this in our article about digital nomads.

According to this study, there are 4.8 million people who consider themselves nomads in the world.

And surely the figure will continue to increase, which is why many countries are preparing to offer advantages to this type of traveler.

Because not everyone wants to go to an island in Thailand 😉

In fact, rural tourism in some areas is preparing to also become a destination for teleworking and not just ecotourism.

These are some of the things that are happening in relation to digital nomads:

New technologies in tourism

Smart cities are already here and they are not new.

But what can we expect from the future?

Based on the lectures and discussions of some of the experts at these events.
We tell you some very interesting ones:

Tourism and the metaverse

Although the video of Iceland seems funny to us, the reality is that we are increasingly moving towards a world in virtual reality.

And perhaps the day will come when the metaverse will also come to our decisions about the vacations or properties that we are going to rent.

This is the case of the animal life reserve in Singapore that offers virtual reality experiences with animals.

Blockchain and tourism

In essence, the blockchain is a block within an information chain.
This chain has the peculiarity that it cannot be altered.

To modify any data registered in the chain, it must be modified in all the devices of the chain, so it becomes an unbeatable system.

This means that it is not only viable for cryptocurrencies which is what we listen to the most.

In fact, there is a home-sharing platform Beenest. Based on the blockchain.

Their technology is used to put guests in touch with hosts so they can organize and pay for stays.

What is different?

There is no middleman who charges large commissions in the process.

But it keeps payment, reputation, and arbitration protocols in place, giving users greater security.

To better understand, watch this video:

Although we don’t have a magic ball, we know that some of these trends will continue with us in 2022.

And at Doinn we strive to share the latest developments and news with you, we hope you have enjoyed this article as much as we have.

See you next time 😉 

10 Things to do in Lisbon!

Beautiful, colorful, vibrant Lisbon.. Portugal’s Capital City.

With a population of just over 500,000 and a whopping 3 million visitors per year, it’s no wonder that you want to drop by!

Lisbon is a top tourist hotspot and a wonderful, as well as affordable holiday location.

Overlooking nostalgic coastal views and monuments steeped in history.

Lisbon is the perfect place to explore, unwind and relax.

Stick with us here at Stasher, the best option for luggage storage in Lisbon, to learn more about what in the world to do in a city where there is so much available at your fingertips! 

1. Learn to make your own Pastel de Nata

You know how the saying goes, the quickest way to anyone’s heart, is through their stomach!

We figured the best way to start your Lisbon experience is through taste, and what better food is there to encompass all that Lisbon has to offer if not its very own Pastel de Nata (custard tart).

Let’s circle back to the 19th century for a moment, to the West of Lisbon at Jerónimos Monastery in Belém, where the history of the Pastel de Nata began.

Believe it or not some monks found themselves with too many leftover egg yolks and decided to get creative!

Today, we thank them for the beloved national treasure that is this pastry.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Portuguese cuisine at the Compadre School of Cooking located at Number 14, Rua Heliodoro Salgado.

Here you can learn to make your very own authentic Pastel de Nata, so that the next time you crave a piece of Portugal, you’ll only have to travel to your kitchen.

2. Dinner and Fado


Since we are on the topic of great Portuguese food, we recommend that you head over to somewhere like Clube de Fado to delight in some more of the country’s delicacies.

But be warned, the taste bud tickler, for once, is not the star of the show. No no, that spot is reserved for Fado.

This emotive genre of music originated in the 1820s in Lisbon, but it is believed to have much earlier and deeper origins.

Fado is often linked to cafes, restaurants and is known for its eerie, melancholic melodies not to mention its beautifully profound nature, musically and lyrically.

3. Feira da Ladra (The ‘Thieves’ Flea Market)


Feira da Ladra, roughly translated to ‘’The Market of Thieves‘’, is one of Lisbon’s oldest markets.

Dating back to the 12th century, this market, once displaying random, unwanted second-hand items for sale (hence the name), has grown and evolved into what it is today.

A place where you can find clothes, books, handmade/carved goodies, countless antiques carrying the history of Portugal in their shine, and definitely some souvenirs that you can take home to your loved ones.

So put on your best adventurer’s hat, make your way down to Campo de Santa Clara and swerve through the lively Feira da Ladra, haggling to your heart’s content.

Learn more about the history of the famous Lisbon Flea Market here.

4. O Museu do Azulejo or The National Tile Museum


If you’re looking to learn more about Portuguese culture and you also happen to be a fan of art, look no further than the Museu do Azulejo, also known as The National Tile Museum.

The Museu Nacional do Azulejo, founded by Queen D. Leonor in 1509, is located in R. Me. Deus 4, 1900-312, Lisbon, and it is dedicated to the azulejo, the traditional tilework of Portugal.

The word Azulejo means ‘’polished stone’’, but I don’t think that that description quite represents the meaning of the tile to the Portuguese people.

Tiles trace as far back as the 13th century and were initially used to protect the walls of wetter areas such as bathrooms and kitchens from dampness/mould, but they became a common expression of Portuguese culture and art in the 15th century.

The museum features, but is not limited to, a wide range of decorative ceramic tiles, in various colours and made of many different materials, beautifully depicting the history of the Portuguese Empire from as far back as the 15th century, right up until the present day.

What is not to love, right?

5. Make your own tile

So you’ve visited one of Lisbon’s most historically rich locations, learned as much as you can about Portugal, got lost in all it’s astonishing swirls and patterns and now you’re wondering, ‘what do I do next?’.

Well it only stands to reason that, since you’ve spent so much time admiring the azulejo, you should make one yourself!

Yes, you can totally do that, and at the Museum no less! So remember, when you get through the exhibition and explore till you’ve had your fill, sign up to the workshop the Museum offers, and jump into the hands-on experience of creating the traditional ceramic tile.

Lucky for you, all of that inspiration should still be whizzing around in your brain, so have fun and get creative. No pressure!

6. Igreja de São Roque or ‘Church of Saint Roch’


The Igreja de São Roque. This church is a marvel that you will undoubtedly want to see.

The first Jesuit church in Portugal and one of the only buildings to survive the devastating earthquake of 1755 nearly untouched, it is a wonder to explore.

With breathtaking sacred art, a dazzling marble and gold interior, and featuring our beloved traditional tile work, the astoundingly clever mannerist and baroque architecture, (work of Filippo Terzi, royal architect of Filipe II of Portugal), is sure to draw you into its grasp.

The São Roque Museum, which you may also be interested in surveying, is stationed right next to the church.

Free guided tours are offered at 3pm Thursday to Sunday if you want to learn more about the church’s past, but you are also welcome to have a browse at your own pace.

Although we definitely recommend making the most of the tours, given that the story of this building is astonishing, (and if we tried to explain it all to you in this blog alone, we would be here for the entirety of your holiday).

7. Tram 28

Tram favorite transportation on lisbon
Photo by Luiz Felipe on Unsplash

Tram 28 follows the most famous journey in Portugal.

This particular tram has been around since 1914, when horse-drawn carriages still carried Lisbon’s locals through its winding streets and over the seven hills that the city was built on.

The tram travels through the centre of the city and, similarly to a sightseeing bus, it passes through older areas of the city, allowing tourists (and locals) to appreciate its original architecture, newly built areas for the modern heads, as well as many of Lisbon’s attractions.

Learn more about the Tram 28 route as well as how to purchase tickets here.

We recommend that you get a day pass for the tram, it costs between €6-€7 and lasts for 24 hours.

Tram 28 has over 30 stops on its path, so it may take you a while to get to the end of the line.

But if you have some time while in Lisbon, be sure to jump on this journey to the past, or at least as close to the past as you can get.

8. Tuk Tuk Tours

Tuk Tuk Tours, like Tram 28, can take you on a venture all through the City of Lisbon.

On the winding and narrow roads, the smooth concrete and the cobblestone, as well as passing through and stopping, at main attractions and landmarks.

This time, however, you get a little more wiggle room to decide where you go!

Think of your Tuk Tuk guide as a Genie, ask and you will get!

Only you are not limited to 3 wishes, Tuk Tuk guides are delightful and knowledgeable and they definitely will not trick you into wishing them free.

Prices may vary where these tours are concerned. For example, a tour taking 30 minutes to 1 hour, can cost anywhere between €20-€30.

Whereas a longer tour, between 2 and 3 hours, can cost up to €100.

You’ll usually find Tuk Tuks stationed throughout the city of Lisbon, particularly at touristy locations and landmarks.

You may wish to ask different drivers what they charge for a tour and decide based on what is most affordable for you.

9. Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching experience near Lisbon
Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

If you love nature and take pleasure in seeing animals thrive in their natural habitat, then this is the activity for you!

You will depart from the Lisbon coast on a speedboat, travel over the Tagus River, pass under the famous ‘25 de Abril’ suspension bridge and start your venture into the ocean.

You will also be able to see many of Lisbon’s amazing monuments along the way.

The goal is, of course, catch sight of some dolphins up close, but with the help of a marine biologist that will be on board, if you are lucky enough, you may encounter various other species of marine wildlife on your travels.

These include but are not limited to, jellyfish, sharks, turtles and much more! Note that the weather can sometimes affect this activity.

Head over to Airbnb Experiences to book this wondrous, you guessed it, experience!

10. Beach day from Lisbon

Beach of Albufeira near Lisbon. 

Credits to: @danielcgold
From: Unsplash
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

The last activity, one of the most popular in Portugal, and certainly the hardest to beat, is a good old beach day.

Because if there’s one thing that holiday goers, backpackers, locals and travellers alike can all agree on.

It’s that lazily rolling around in golden sand or somersaulting into the misty deep blue, are hands down some of the absolute most satisfying ways to spend your holiday. 

So, search for luggage storage in Lisbon and then hop on a bus, a car or a broomstick.. (we don’t judge) and make your way to one of these beautiful beaches to appreciate what the world has to offer.

Oh and since we love you so much, check out the list of beaches below, accessible by public transport from central Lisbon along with some other beaches that are a short drive away.

Don’t say we don’t do anything for you! 😉

Beaches accessible by transport:

  • Praia de Carcavelos
  • Praia da Conceição
  • Costa da Caparica 
  • Praia de Santo Amaro de Oeiras

Beaches accessible by car: 

  • The Serra da Arrabida
  • Praia do Guincho
  • Lagoa de Albufeira
  • Fonte da Telha
Stasher owned photo

We give a special thanks to Stasher team, for giving top notch travel tips so you can savour every moment of your adventures.

We hope that this blog has done the trick!

Now that you have all of the information needed to make your trip to Lisbon a success, use it wisely. Enjoy!

About doinn:

Doinn provides top cleaning, laundry services and linen rental all through our software platform.

P.D. You can also check this other article about things to do in Lisbon on winter.

Digital nomads and how to get your rentals adapted

Digital nomads are here to stay definitely, they are no longer a “secret cult”.

Especially after the pandemic situation, even there are top countries offering amazing views.

And other countries even give special visa conditions for these travelers such as Malta, Romania, Cayman Islands, and others.

That is why today we are sharing some of the needs digital nomads have when taking into consideration a rental property.

Only in the US, 40% of digital nomads are an average age of 32 years old.

And in the future, this age segment millennials will represent almost 40% of the global population.

Also how you can adapt your rental and why you should do this.

The main reason to understand digital nomads is most of them travel when they work.

And, of course in the future, they will be a very important piece of the pie in the market.

So you need to be ready since yesterday!

Always Connected

It might sound obvious but this is one of the major problems of the digital nomads when finding a property to rent.

You can make one of these tricks to enhance your internet and have this one covered.

  1. Change the location of your router, sometimes if this device is store away somewhere in the room something can interfere with the signal. Move it to a tall place without any disturbances such as tv, radios, etc.
  2. Check if there is anybody stuck to your network, remember you can have a guest user predefined for your guests and then check periodically for any intruders.
  3. If your house is too big or has different floors you can always add a wifi repeater to enhance the signal.

These are just a couple of things to get your rental ready for the digital nomads needs connections-wise.

Space efficiency

Photo credits to Arnel Hasanovic – Unsplash

If you have check social media the past year for sure you saw a bunch of pictures in which people renovated spaces to convert them into home offices.

Well if you do not have it on your property even if it’s a vacation rental, you should adopt one little space to it. Check out these examples.

  1. A desk and a chair are vital even if it is not big but the key here is to make a space even if it’s little but with comfort for concentration.
  2. Get a laptop stand! Your guests will love it as this is a must and a lot of people even if they are not digital nomads are still working remotely!
  3. Use dead spaces in your apartment it can be within the bedroom or maybe below a staircase there are a lot of creative ways to make this office desk amazing!

You can always go to Pinterest and get more inspiration on the matter 😉

Improve the experience

We have already discussed, how to prepare your vacation rentals after the pandemic situation.

Another important thing for these guests is maintaining their work-life balance there are actual studies that indicate they work more than older generations.

This might sound contradictory but the reality is if they work more than 40 hours per week their free time is sacred!

How can you help?

Add experiences to your package, so Airbnb has been the king on this lately.

Experiences are revolutionizing the way users are sharing with other people, so here are some you can add:

  1. Partner with local businesses to offer your users discounts and offer them a really nice experience with the locals. They would love it!
  2. Make a local guide itinerary! Help them understand how your city works and how they can enjoy it so much more!
  3. You can always add any extras to your service like rent a bicycle or ski equipment you can do it by creating a marketplace check it here.

An interesting fact is that the owner or rental manager can be the same owner of the experience so you can uplift your revenue a bit with this!

Stay green

For this audience staying green all the time is a big fact!

So keep getting some recycling bins as most of these users want to keep their environmental practices while staying at any other property.

They appreciate products that are chemical-free/plant-based because they are better for the planet and also can be better for people who suffer from skin conditions and allergies.

Do you happen to have any plants? They make the rental way more “home-like” and they are incredible to boost up your decor on any room.

Another important thing is to add devices that are “energy efficient” LED bulbs, LED lamps, electrical power strips with on/off switches.

And last but not least take advantage of this to talk the guest through all of the efforts you make to be greener 💚

Guests or tenants would love it and even recommend your lodging to their friends so think about this when following all of the below steps.

We hope this was useful and you will be ready for your future digital nomads and millennials guests 😉

About Doinn:

Doinn is the key to transforming your rental management operations.

Schedule, manage, and follow up your services all in one place.

Reduce the time and costs associated with managing properties while offering renters a seamless experience across their entire rental journey.

Cleaning companies and their growth with Doinn

Cleaning companies require a lot of operational work, and sometimes we do not recognize it.

To say that times have been tough in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic would certainly be an understatement.

Especially in regards to companies within the vacation rental industry and STR’s.

Above all, the uncertainty that the people who work in them have had to face.

Precisely, as a consequence of the pandemic, many have seen the need to seek new business lines.

That’s where Doinn’s courage shows. We are not only the technological bridge but a growth factor for the companies that join us.

At Doinn we also promote sustainable growth that is suitable for everyone. How do we do it?

Training for cleaning companies

Through diversification, technological updating, and innovation, you get a step towards one of the goals of the United Nations.

That’s exactly what Doinn helps to achieve.

The cleaning staff, are the true soul of the operations of this industry, they have been undervalued, and not only in terms of economic compensation.

Anyone who has been involved with the industry and the cleaning part understands the great challenge that this represents.

Doinn allows cleaning companies to have a tool that doesn’t just connect them to new property managers.

But they also receive a tool to manage their human resources. How?

Our software has integrated modules to include each of the cleaning staff, which contributes to monitoring each team member.

By registering with Doinn, cleaning companies receive continuous training and follow-up during services.

This allows us to always guarantee our property managers the HIGH level of the services they buy.

Motivating teams

Thanks to our team and employees module, it is possible to monitor each cleaning carried out by the employee where it can be used to do small motivational exercises, for example:

  • An internal campaign of who is the cleaner with the most services.
  • Provide compensation for the number of services.
  • Introduce a performance measurement system.

Or any other type of compensation that can motivate teams especially after the post-pandemic situation.

For anyone familiar with the hospitality industry and cleaning work, it is not difficult to understand that providing the proper motivation is a huge challenge when managing a cleaning crew.

That’s why small gestures, as long as they are sincere, can go a long way toward making staff feel appreciated and respected.

Continuous innovation on teams

Another great way to motivate teams is by teaching them new things.

Sounds silly but training cleaners to use the Doinn platform is a great way to introduce the team to the age of digitization.

Thanks to Doinn you not only receive software but you will also have access to our mobile app.

With the Doinn vendor operations app, cleaners can exercise their voice by giving feedback on their services and uploading supporting photos.

From being able to start and end services from the app to communicating with property managers to report on situations in the properties.

Understanding a platform like Doinn’s allows you to develop the skills of your staff.

Not to mention that giving them their own voice when communicating with the customers is a way to empower them.

If you want to know more about our app, see this article from our help center.

As you can see, at Doinn we strive to become an ally for the economic development of local cleaning companies.

From Madrid to Malaga, from Lisbon to Sintra, from Los Angeles to New York, Doinn’s vision is to become a strategic partner for suppliers and consequently, for customers.

Short Stay Virtual Summit Expert with Elaine Watts

We are very excited to share with you all the space we share thanks to Elaine Watts she organized this amazing event called: Short stay virtual summit.

Elaine is the host of an amazing podcast in which you can learn how to start and succeed with your rental vacation properties.  See more about HLS podcast here. 

This is the 2nd year in a row, Elaine gathers more than 25 speakers to discuss the short-term rental industry giving notes and tactics on how to grow your business!

The summit will have a duration from May 25th to May 27th. You can check the event here. 

And in Doinn our CEO Noelia Novella was part of those invited speakers. 

Click here to listen to the interview. 

Now we leave you now with the amazing conversation they’ve had on the summit.

Elaine: Firstly tell us a bit about you and your background and a brief overview of what Doinn does

Noelia: I fell in love with our industry in 2013 during a round-the-world trip with my family, including 2 babies. It was an amazing experience to be able to stay in those “peer to peer” properties, BUT we did not always felt safe.

I always say that cleaning is a very personal thing and what means clean for me, may not mean the same for you. But we all grow up with the cleaning standards of the hotels and if people feel safe there, I thought it´d be handy to be able to get the same cleaning and linen rental providers they have.

Back from our trip I reached those companies and asked them what they needed to be able to work in our industry and we have basically been 6 years making tech for this to happen, helping local providers to become more efficient, grow their business, and making sure they follow the right standards operating procedures and protocols.

Nowadays we also work with cleaning companies that were born in and for our industry as long as they have a top-quality proof of record

Since then we feel we have done many guests feel safe, and definitely many property managers and property owners happy in almost 600 cities across USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, UK, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

Elaine: Cleanliness has always been a top priority in our industry but now even more so – what changes have you seen in cleaning protocols in this new era?

Noelia: Since Covid hit, it seems our value proposition makes more sense than ever, cleaning and disinfection mean safety, it always meant it. Following a protocol or a checklist is definitely better than nothing, but cleaning is a profession, professionals bring safety in every aspect of hosting (electricity, engineers, architects, and definitely, cleaning)

For a professional cleaning company, there is not such a thing as new protocols, there were other viruses before covid19 and for professional cleaners, disinfecting or killing the germs was and is the whole point for them, like a uber drive to know how to drive a car

What has changed, like for any business, is the use of the masks and the social distance, they were already aware of the risks of shaking the dirty linen or not washing their hands.

Elaine: As someone wanting to build trust with future guests, how would advise someone new to the industry to get started with their own cleaning protocols.

Noelia: They can take the cleaning protocols from our webpage if they want, we are happy to share it and we have in fact share it with a couple of the OTAs. What is hard about cleaners is not the protocols, there are millions of videos on youtube. The hardest part is the recruitment process,  to keep them motivated and to avoid the high HR rotation.

When clients tell me how much they per service to their cleaners, most of the time they don´t take into consideration how much time they spend recruiting, training, supervising, and motivating them and how much money that cost to the company 

We´ve selected and onboarded cleaning companies that are in business, working for hotels for more than 25 years, I´m sure they much better than most of us recruiting, training, supervising, and motivating their employees to retain the talent and to reach the expectations.

Elaine: Something I hear a lot is that there’s a communication struggle with owners getting their cleaning team to clean to their standards needed – many feel as though they are constantly having to check up and chase after their cleaning teams – do you have any advice on how to communicate the standards required to ensure the property and guests are cared for to the top standards we need to present in our industry?

Noelia: Our technology helps to optimize processes, reports, and tasks to Property managers and Cleaning companies so they can be more competitive, reduce management costs and manage more clients.

But Doinn is not just technology, we have a dedicated team supervising that cleaning companies are beyond expectations, motivating them to keep their good work and making the industry give them the attention and respect they deserve.

That human touch on top of the technology (not just software or bots) in what allows us to raise the hospitality standards.

Property managers don´t need to have an in-house operations manager anymore because our team and our tech, cover that part. We want them to take every single opportunity to manage a property in any location without the need of having a local team there and with the guarantee of having professional and certified cleaning and linen services with us. Our mission is to get their boots on the ground.

Elaine:  How important is technology in assisting with ensuring cleans is up to standard and sharing and keeping top standards with cleaning teams?

Noelia: Like in any other business, there has to be a balance between tech and talent. I´m not a CEO because I use Slack but because of my skills and experience. Slack helps me to be more efficient, to work remotely, and asynchronous what is also very important, but tech tools are not the most important thing for someone that is most of the time with their hands busy and wet.

Elaine: How is it best to communicate the protocols you have in place when building trust with your potential guests moving forwards – website, social media, OTA listing sites?

Noelia: For the pre-sales stage: everywhere! And if the cleaning is done by a well-known cleaning company, talk about that to show how concerned you are about a professional cleaning

Once the guests get to the property, what we do is to seal the door in the inside part as proof that no one got into that space after the cleaners disinfected it.

In the sticker we use to seal the door, there is a QR code where guests can read about the protocols that were followed in several languages, and that makes them feel safe.

What I don´t recommend is to have a big picture with the virus in the entrance hall of the vacation home, Covid19 is definitely the last thing we want to get remember every time we get into the property we chose for our holidays.

Elaine: What are you seeing in terms of bookings for Short Term Accommodations at the moment, what trends have you seen?

Noelia: What we notice is that many of our urban property managers,  started managing properties remotely in leisure areas, it probably saved many of their businesses and open them to many new opportunities. At the end of the day, many property investors live in those urban areas so they can meet them and create trust. 

The second trend would be the preference for multiunits versus apartments spread out the city, and some office building will be transformed into these kinds of apart-hotels, due to the working remotely trend

Third but not least, the consolidation of a few brands, which would be a challenge for the OTAs.

Elaine: Final words of advice for anyone wanting to maintain top cleaning standards in their accommodation business?

Noelia: I´d give them the same advice that a property manager would give to a property owner: get as professional as you can in every part of the business, paying less most of the time doesn’t help to save money.

Elaine: Where do you see the future of our industry heading?

Noelia: I´ve always seen the OTA´s as Prop-tech companies and not as tourism companies. If you take it from that, there are so many things they could take advantage of what they already have: pictures, videos, annual revenue…they started with mid

That’s a wrap folks! This interview was recorded on audio & video on zoom recording if you want to hear it, go here.

Do not lose more about the short stay virtual summit enroll for the following day’s talks here!

Keep in touch and check out our other interviews!

Doinn interview: Vanessa Rentals United

Our story: Rentals united and Doinn more than an integration


I´m really having fun making these interviews to the people that have been important to me and to Doinn in the different stages of this startup journey


Vanessa de Souza Lage is the kind of person that is generous by nature and generosity always get back to you, especially in our industry where is more than clear that working together make us stronger and all the vendors should work as a team to bring value to the property managers and to our beloved industry.


From day one, Vanessa made me feel part of her life, her/our industry, and even her stage, as she is the pioneer of the #tieonstage movement, promoting women as speakers in the vacation rental industry events


Vanessa is also a serial entrepreneur, well known in our industry for founding the channel manager Rentals United and Vrtech


Rentals United was one of the first integrations at Doinn, and I have presented in several Vrtech events and several cities


I´ve been chasing this busy-bee for months to make this interview. I really hope you enjoy this post as much I am having fun while making it!


Noelia: First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Vanessa: We’re doing perfectly fine, thanks for asking! It’s amazing how people can adapt! Also we’re lucky to be in Barcelona, the lockdown period wasn’t as tough or as long as others… Restaurants have been opened and the 10pm curfew is actually great when you work as much as I do 🙂  


Noelia: You help to promote startups for vacation rentals in Vrtech and you have founded several startups. Entrepreneurs are born or made?  

Vanessa: Entrepreneurs are born but successful ones are made! 


I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur since childhood, always coming up with new business ideas! The first one: importing Dulce de Leche from Argentina to France as I loved it and it wasn’t available in French supermarkets then.  I actually got my sister who lived in Argentina to send tubs over but instead of selling them I gave them away to my friends : ) So yeah, I think that the entrepreneurial drive is something you’re born with but turning your ideas into a successful business is something you learn. 


As an entrepreneur I have struggled a lot, many times going down to my last 5 euros. I wish I had looked for mentors: so many mistakes could have been avoided! Rentals United is my 5th business and I’m still learning everyday. This is the great thing about being an entrepreneur… you always need to grow with the times, the circumstances, the market shifts! 


Noelia: How the idea of founding Rentals United came up and what problem is currently solving?


Vanessa: Quite honestly Rentals United was born because my previous business was failing. And not just mine, the ones of our competitors too. We were medium-sized OTAs focused on vacation rentals and with the rise of Airbnb, VRBO and booking.com we couldn’t make the marketing dollar work anymore. Plus we had a supply/demand problem: we were all european OTAs but with different markets strengths. So we thought to exchange inventory and for that we needed a distribution software. 


Rentals United was created for ourselves and as bookings grew we opened it to other channels: the beauty was that we could still make our commission but let VRBO, Airbnb, Bookings pay for the B2C traffic. Our first investor in 2014 saw the potential and by 2015 we left our agencies and became full time Rentals United. 


Our company solves the supply and demand aspect of the vacation rental industry. We source professional property managers and offer them to advertise their properties on a large number of OTAs, both global and niche. Managers get more bookings, OTAs get more rentals to sell. Everyone wins. 


Noelia: Tourism has been highly affected by the pandemic, but is the vacation rental industry becoming stronger or weaker of this?


Vanessa: The growth of the industry has just been put on hold for a year, just like every other hospitality vertical. Our growth has been exponential in the last ten years and every year we’re getting more professional, better organised, attracting more demographics… there’s no reason why we wouldn’t continue to grow at a rapid pace.


Noelia: In terms of product, is there any feature that your users are requesting more than before since Covid hit? 


Vanessa: We had quite a lot of requests for mid-term (30+ days) channels last year which we duly implemented. Currently we see a big surge in leisure bookings so we’re hunting for outdoor-type inventory and already signed contracts with major glamping and camping channels.  


Managers have always requested that we add a book direct channel feature to our software and we’re happy to now be launching a wordpress template which can be used with our Google vacation rental connection.  


Noelia: You understood Doinn´s added value to the market from day one, when we could just provide services in Lisbon and Barcelona. From your perspective, the fact than Doinn is now available in more than 600 cities is really important to help property managers to grow or most of them have a city strategy?


Vanessa: 600 cities! Wow! Your astronomical growth is the testimony that I had the right hunch about your company when we first met! Housekeeping is very hard to scale. All the large property managers I meet always tells me that this is one of the major challenges to overcome when you grow. Your solution is for forwarding-thinking managers, it’s that one entry that’s going to make the balance sheet strong! Go DoInn!  

Noelia: Thank you so much for this, Vanessa! I definitely recommend all those startups of the vacation rental industry to apply to win to the 2021 Vrtech award here and ….

Doinn interview: Robertin Nunez from Co Host Expert Company Inc

On Doinn, we are boosting our expansion in the US and Mexican markets, and we are loving the way both markets are welcoming us.


So I couldn´t be happier and more grateful of interviewing Robertín Nuñez, who is in the rental business since 1991 (30 years!) and is the CEO of Co Host Expert Company Inc https://cohostexpert.com/.  


Co Host Expert Company founded in 2013 to assists property owners in the conversion process of their standard market rental units into viable Short Term Rental properties.


Noelia: First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Robertin: Very well and alive Noelia.  Which nowadays is the top priority  Everyone is doing well and actually it has been a very good year considering the climate we are in.


Noelia: What motivated you to get into the vacation rental industry and what has been your journey on it?  It is a combination of fate and focus I would say.  I am a real estate developer so I have been buying and developing properties in different cities most of my adult life.  Formerly I owned a travel agency for 10 years that specialized in entertainment travel.  Combining Real Estate and Travel has lead me into the Vacation Rental Industry.




Noelia: Is the industry becoming more or less professional since the Covid hit?


Covid has prompted smaller operators to step up their game regarding their cleaning procedures and daily operations.  Since one is not always available or in some countries allowed to venture around because of the lockdowns operators and hosts had to figure out how to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.  Operators and hosts had to really take inventory of their business models since there was such a huge slowdown for a short time and in some places even longer, it really made you look at your business model and ask “Does this work”?


Also the slowdown cleared the landscape from the huge influx of speculators and gave a beating to the more professional hosts and operators.  Some made it through the storm others folded, luckily we made it through.


Noelia: Tourism has been highly affected by the pandemic, but is the Vacation rental industry becoming stronger or weaker of this?  


Robertin: 1 year ago I would not know how to answer this, but today March 2021 I would say stronger.  As I mentioned before many fly by night businesses are no longer and Covid reset the thinking of the Vacation Rental Industry professionals.  Everything is not simply based on location and tourism.  Vacation rentals are being used by the “New Traveler” which come from all walks of life for many various reasons, some that didn’t really exist or weren’t as strong pre covid. Such as First Responders, Essential Workers and Remote Workers.


Noelia: In terms of product, is there any feature that your users are requesting more than before since Covid hit? 



Reliable WIFI has always been a huge important selling point, but now more than ever. We receive many requests where the guest booking for 30-90 to 120 nights wanted to make sure the modem is not shared or they have access to it because their work depends on it.  As well as work stations with a view or somewhere they can sit and hammer away at their work.

Also is the location a place where all deliveries can be received, which before wasn’t even much of a request. 


Noelia: Doinn has been very successful in the European markets, helping to many property managers to focus on their growth by leaving the operational part to us. From your perspective, what is Doinn bringing to our industry in the USA? What make us different from other solutions for housekeeping?    



BOOTS ON THE GROUND.  My vision and plan of expansion into Mexico and Latin America has a lot to do with the fact that DOINN can provide a system of operations for the cleaning and turnover part of the business.  Which essentially are the front line of one’s operations.  Knowing that DOINN is established in a market or region allows us to know that we can enter this market and have a solid business partner relationship to provide this important feature.  If not we would have to set up a system in every market which makes it very difficult and challenging to expand.  

An operator or host with plans to expand could use the DOINN model and build around the way DOINN is expanding.  It is as if they are doing the hard part of setting up and one can come in and build a business around their new established location.  

How to prepare your vacation rentals for the post-pandemic season

Doinn gives vacation rentals and Airbnb hosts tips to understand and adapt to new tourist demands. We have so many challenges within the vacation rentals industry right now, either you have an Airbnb flat or a cute cabin to relax. That’s why in the past few posts we have addressed the incredible and inevitable impact in our industry but today we want to give you some positivity. Today, we are prepared to introduce you to some of the upcoming trends for vacation rentals which users are expecting. We already know what customers want to save flights (For god’s sakes!) But within the Doinn team, we wanted to take it a step further and share some of the top needs the “new-old tourists” will look for in the near future. As we like to say “Doinners” are here to help! Let’s dig into it! 


1. Go the extra mile on Safety & Hygiene.

One common thought that is guaranteed is that travelers will be asking for more strict measures to ensure their safety. This means, try to reduce to the maximum any encounter with other people outside the bubble, so take some of these actions: · Temporarily close all of the common areas within your rental. · Make a guidebook of all of the restrictions and important covid-19 information in your city or country (Update regularly) · Make sure you are automating most of the processes for the vacation rental itself. Using vocational software or upgrading your housekeeping tasks to a service like Doinn  Try to maximize your efforts in terms of deep cleansing and having a visual way to demonstrate it to your customers, write a blog post about it or share a video of new measures in your rental. The stricter your guidelines while travelers stay in your rental, the more possibilities of positive feedback you will have. 


2. Transform your vacation rental options. 

You will need to reinvent your services from global to local, this means that you can develop new uses for your vacation rental as per the market needs. For example: · Transform one room into an office and attract remote job workers. (Which regularly look for new places to move). · Adding activities to your rental description tells travelers why your destination is more special than others. (There is a huge impact on leisure in post-pandemic scenarios · Also add some touches of home to your spaces as people will travel within their bubbles and close family members. Another important fact is to adapt and incorporate flexible cancellation or change policies. This is one of the top priorities for younger users according to an Expedia report.


3. Personalization and Customer Experience. 

Because of the pandemic, warm greetings like shaking hands is a custom of the past. But there are still ways to keep creating an excellent experience for your vacation rental renters. Keep in touch with your guests through an open channel: whatsapp, telegram, or email. It’s even more important these days to keep open communication. Also remember, everybody likes a freebie, and if you include some masks or personal hand sanitizers, people will recognize your good hosting skills.


4. Automation is the key to success. 

We are not talking only about contactless payments, there is a wide variety of options to introduce into your rental. Keyless entry: you can use remote apps in which you send an electronic key to open your apartment to code digit locks inserted directly into your vacation rental, available in different price ranges. Home automation: This sounds like The Jetsons but we promise you it is not, from controlled heating or cooling systems to a whole panel of lighting and voice controlled devices, you can ensure your guests are getting everything they need! Adding 3D or AI bots to your service: You can now go from facebook type of automatic responses (Bots) at a very reasonable price to 3D virtual reality videos from your amazing Airbnb homes, try adding some cool tech innovations and see how your guests react to them. We are sure they will love it. These are just a couple of nice examples to boost up your vacation rentals, from safety to new techie options we are certain the guests will appreciate them. Remember we Doinners love to help you keep everything nice and tight for your upcoming seasons. So if you are still struggling with your cleaning processes during these difficult times contact us to know more about our plans and services we will be more than glad to assist you.

Doinn interview: Amiad from Guesty

I love this interview model with our partners to understand more the why and less the what and how they are bringing the value to our industry, following the Golden Circle Concept developed by Simon Sinek 


Guesty was founded in 2013 to automate and simplify the operations of short-term rental property management. Graduating in 2014 from Y Combinator, the same accelerator Airbnb graduated from, was a game changer for the company, skyrocketing their growth and product development. Today Guesty boasts $60M in funding, 250+ employees spread out across 8 offices worldwide, and customers in over 80 countries.


Side note: 2014 was also the year that Doinn participated in the Lisbon Challenge startup acceleration program and we still remember a night out with Michael Siebel, one of the founders of Y Combinator, talking about how those guys from Guesty could have a huge impact in the fast-growing Airbnb market.      


And now, here we are today.


The Guesty <> Doinn partnership took a few years to take shape as our go-to-market strategies were different but somehow, it was written in our paths.


Noelia: First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Amiad: My family is great, thank you for asking. My wife and I adopted an amazing pup named Effie and we are really enjoying being dog parents for the first time.


Noelia: What motivated you to become an entrepreneur and to start this kind of business in times where the Airbnb brand penetration was still not that high?


Amiad: I launched Guesty with my identical twin brother Koby. After renting out our apartments while travelling, we realized just how much of a headache it was to oversee guest communication, cleanings and repairs. As a result, originally we launched a property management company to take care of those needs for clients and then realized that we could do so much more.


At the time, when Airbnb was becoming incredibly popular, there was a clear product gap in the home sharing space for those who wanted to distribute their listings across multiple OTAs without wasting hours hopping from platform to platform. It became clear that professional hosts and property management companies needed one centralized location to manage all of the complex operational tasks that go into managing their inventory.


Enter Guesty. With our software – you can do it all – from guest communication to real-time dynamic pricing to accounting – all in one place.


Noelia: I´ve been doing a few webinars talking about the OKRs, the framework used by Google to define the company goals. What is your magical formula for Guesty growth?


Amiad: Our platform is built to be agile and has grown alongside our users, adapting to the swiftly changing alternative accommodation ecosystem. To put it simply, Guesty was built for all business models of all shapes and sizes, no matter the location. 


Similar to how there is no one size fits all when it comes to travel, there is also no one size fits all when it comes to property management. We built our product with that in mind. Our users’ businesses grow, change and evolve, and we’re there to support them every step of the way. In fact, the growing needs of our users resulted in us enhancing our platform in more ways than one in the last year. Here are two examples: 

  1. We opened our platform to support extended stays of 28+ days after noticing travelers were booking rentals for longer periods. Doing so helped users incorporate flexible inventory into their portfolio to achieve a reliable, assured stream of revenue for longer periods of time. 

  2. We now enable aparthotel and boutique hotel management with the goal of supporting all forms of short-term rentals. Guesty’s new suite of features coupled with our existing core tools, enables independent hotel teams to work efficiently while actively increasing their bottom line. 


Noelia: Tourism has been highly affected by the pandemic, but is the Vacation rental industry becoming stronger or weaker?


Amiad: Without hesitation, stronger.


Thanks to the accessibility and privacy provided by the short-term rental industry, travel has lived on throughout COVID-19, proving the resilience of the alternative accommodation ecosystem as a whole. 


Private rentals enable travelers to avoid crowded common areas associated with hotels, such as lobbies, elevators and dining halls. By nature, they also have less guest turnover, which significantly reduces the risk of exposure between guests as does their lower count of “high-touch” surface areas. These selling points, along with Airbnb’s recent IPO, acted as the catalyst to short-term rentals going mainstream with many traditional hotel-goers evolving into short-term rental converts, opting for private rentals over hotels.


Short-term rental converts represent a previously untapped audience within the market and have lended to a considerably bolstered user base. And that gain is permanent. 


According to our industry report on the state of confidence in the short-term rental industry, 83.2% of the 500+ respondents we surveyed in hospitality believe the travellers who have booked short-term rentals since the start of the pandemic will continue to choose rentals over hotels as their choice for accommodations, even post-COVID-19. 


It’s a fact that travel will recover. There are many question marks dotting the path to get there, but this pandemic has proven that travel is a necessity.


Noelia: In terms of product, is there any feature that your users are requesting more than before Covid hit? 


Amiad: We have found that the most popular features during the pandemic have been those that support lean teams, automate tasks, and help our users achieve organizational efficiency and peak productivity. In fact, use of Guesty’s automated messaging tools jumped 25% in 2020 compared to 2019. This is no surprise as these tools enable users to automatically communicate check-in/out instructions, request for reviews, staff checklists and more.


We also saw a growing demand for our 24/7 Guest Communication Services (GCS) throughout the past year, considering the higher than usual volume of guest queries hosts were receiving regarding cleaning protocols, local restrictions and more. Our GCS team of specialists answers queries on our users’ behalf – all day long, or in their off-ours or while they’re on holiday. I’m happy to note that users report GCS saves them 40% of time each week on communication, allowing them to focus their energy elsewhere.


Noelia: Doinn has been very successful in the European markets, helping to many property managers to focus on their growth by leaving the operational part to us. From your perspective, what is Doinn bringing to our industry in the USA? 


Amiad: Standardization is important, especially when it comes to cleaning practices amid COVID-19. Stringent cleaning protocols are at the top of guests’ mind and crucial when it comes to their safety. Having a company like Doinn certifying cleaning companies and services in cities worldwide not only pushes standardization in cleaning practices forward, it also provides property management companies and professional hosts with a sense of relief as they look to experts in the space to navigate new protocols put in place by competent authorities, from the WHO to Airbnb. 

How to manage your vacation rental remotely

The COVID-19 outbreak has made us rethink the way we work, creating a shift towards a more flexible and digital way of life. Although having a vacation rental business does not consist of being in an office all day, there are certain tasks that up until now have required owners to be physically present in their property. If your vacation rental is far from your main residence, you may have realized that the given situation could actually be a good opportunity to start managing your business remotely. 

The growth of the vacation rental industry in recent years has generated a large number of tools, platforms, and technologies to help owners manage their businesses from the comfort of their own home. These resources help to save a significant amount of time and effort while also providing a higher quality of service to guests.  

Is it possible to manage your vacation rental remotely?

Of course! As previously mentioned, there are currently a wide variety of tools and apps that can help you manage your property remotely without any problem. 

However, it’s always recommended to have a trustworthy person nearby in the event of an emergency. You can also invest in vacation rental property management software, or hire a property manager that offers you a comprehensive management service.

If you’re just getting started and wondering where to invest, distance no longer has to be a deciding factor. Instead, do research on whether the area is a touristic destination and what kind of investment it requires. 

Here’s what you should take into account to manage your vacation rental remotely: 

Things to keep in mind

Keep guests informed

If you’ve decided to work remotely and will therefore not be present to welcome your guests to the property, you should thoroughly prepare for it beforehand. Something as simple as creating a welcome guide with information on the area (activities, restaurants, cafes, or any extra details that might be of interest) can go a long way. 

Don’t forget to include instructions and information related to the property itself, such as the use of appliances, emergency contacts, or house rules. Going above and beyond will avoid any unexpected events in the future.

Automate communication with your guests

Great guest communication is essential to getting good reviews and increasing your bookings. Even for the most experienced hosts, it’s difficult to stay on top of everything from reservation requests to concerns your guests might have. Automating messages will help minimize repetitive tasks and quickly fix potential problems that might arise. 

Provide the necessary technology

Make sure you have all the necessary devices and technology for tasks that were once done in person. Here are some examples: 

Check-in and Check-out

Regardless of whether you remotely manage a vacation rental or not, there are many tasks that can be automated to reduce your workload. While some hosts like to welcome their guests personally, automating this process can save you a lot of time and allow for more flexibility when it comes to bookings. In the event that your guests arrive late, you won’t have to worry about a drastic change of plans. 

There are smart locks that work with codes so that guests can access and leave your home without any help. If you feel like this is not the right option for your business, you can also hire a company to manage the check-ins and check-outs of your vacation rental.

Smart homes

Also known as ‘smart homes’, these properties have a variety of technologies to control and automate certain things like temperature or lighting adjustments. In addition to being able to control them remotely, these tools help to reduce energy consumption, provide security, and turn your vacation rental into a more comfortable place.

Even if you have highlighted the house rules of your property, having a noise sensor can help you control the volume of your guests and avoid complaints from neighbors.

Use tools and apps to facilitate property management

Cleaning services

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while managing your property remotely is cleaning. When it comes to this task, every owner strives to provide the tidiest rental for their guests. Hiring professionals who are in charge of cleaning, disinfection, and laundry will ensure that the job gets done consistently and with high results every time.

There are currently platforms that, apart from helping you hire a great team of cleaners, also allow you to monitor all tasks. This means you can keep track of what’s going on at all times and run your business much more efficiently. 

Vacation rental management software

Managing reservations is another task that requires attention. Vacation rental software like Lodgify allows you to take full control over your business, giving you access to a centralized platform where you can manage all your reservations, calendars, and rates (from both your website and other vacation rental listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo). 


Now that you’ve seen the resources available to automate tedious tasks and manage your vacation rental remotely, you can get started! If you take advantage of the previously mentioned tools, the location of your property no longer needs to be an issue. 

Incorporating these solutions into your business will not only give you personal benefits, but it will also make your property more attractive, safe, and profitable in the long run.

Today we are announcing the new integration with Smoobu PMS

At Doinn, our mission is to provide certified professional cleaning, linen rental and laundry services to private accommodation, an end-to-end automation from the guest reservation to the guest ready apartment. 

So we are very excited about  this new partnership with the fast growing Smoobu PMS. 

Smoobu is Europe’s leading all-in-one vacation rental management software, and manages over 70.000 listings. 

With Smoobu you have access to all tools with a single subscription and you pay only per property. Channel Manager, PMS, Website Builder, Booking Engine, Unified Inbox, Online Check-In, as well as a Dedicated Guest Guide that will make your reviews go up. 

Smoobu’s support team is highly rated, speaks 7 different languages and is available 6 days a week via phone, chat and/or email. You can test Smoobu for free. They have a 14-day trial without a credit card.

Through this partnership, you can easily and seamlessly schedule the cleaning, linen rental and laundry services you need according to your reservations.

Free webinar next week

Smoobu is hosting a webinar with us next week, not just to explain how to integrate Smoobu and Doinn, but to talk about how to renew the trust of your guests writing about the enhance cleaning protocols

When: February 16th, 2021 – 01PM CET / 12PM GTM 

Doinn partnership

See below how easy it’s to take the most of our partnership:

1º Make a Doinn account.

Signing up for Doinn is safe and convenient. If you haven’t yet made an account, you can signup for free here

To associate your properties you can add one by one manually (option One Property) or upload several properties by excel (option Many Properties)


First time login

2º The properties are ready

First time login

3º Automation lab 

It’s time to define the automation settings and paste your Smoobu Ical

On Smoobu 👇

On Doinn 👇

First time login


4º Define your integration settings

Automate the services you would like to outsource with us and the default check in and check out hours of your properties.

First time login


4º The integration is ready!

Reservations will be synced and services generated automatically in the next poll. 

You can then click ok and proceed to purchase in one click.

Would you like to know more about Smoobu? Check out this video.

Stay in London

Dainius Podolinskis, founder of StayinLondon.co.uk, a well-known and quality-driven property manager in UK’s capital, writes about the added value that Doinn brings to the industry with their own case study.

Stay in London in facts;

Properties managed: 18 in Central London – Kensington & Chelsea, Soho, Covent Garden, Belgravia, Notting Hill and other

5 years of experience in Property Management:

Average occupancy rate before 2020: 90%

Average occupancy rate in 2020: 60%

Doinn: Consequences of the pandemic for your business? 

DP: We had to rapidly change the strategy and start marketing our properties for the domestic market and medium-term (1-3month) stays, which proved very successful.

Doinn: How do you keep your business active, what measures are you taking?

DP: We drastically cut our costs, we started working from home and don’t have an office. We are also spending more time researching other channels to get maximum exposure for our properties to have them occupied – for example we signed a contract with a corporate insurance company, that often needs accommodations for their clients who have some problems with their houses/flats and need temporary, medium-term accommodation.

Doinn: What is your outlook for the future?

DP: I am confident that 2021 will be the year of opportunity for all the management companies that managed to survive 2020. I am sure travel will come back with a bang and we need to be prepared for it!

Doinn: What service(s) do you order through Doinn and what are the advantages of using our platform?

DP: Doinn is a perfect partnership for us as we grow – we can rely on flexibility when the demand increases.

Doinn: We are very happy to be able to help you. 

Thank you for allowing us to get to know you a little bit better.

P.S. If you want to join this initiative, we will be happy to give you visibility, nationally and internationally. All you need to do is to fill this questionnaire.

Safety is the new wellness movement

Euromonitor, a global market-research firm based in London, released its forecasts for the 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021.

It includes Safety is the new wellness movement.

They say that the fear of infection drives demand for hygiene products and pushes consumers towards contactless solutions to avoid exposure. 

#Airbnb, #Vrbo, and #Booking recommended to their hosts to implement enhanced cleaning measures and innovations that target concerns to renew the trust of the guests, but are those detailed protocols followed by the cleaners? 

Euromonitor even says that efficiency and cleanliness are no longer trade-offs but expectations amongst Safety Obsessed consumers. 

On Doinn we talk about those guests expectations since day one.

Who is not obsessed with safety when travelling with the family or with the love of their life? 

Even before the pandemic, I can´t even think of a mother who doesn´t have as a number one priority the safety of her children. 

What has changed is that finally cleanliness is understood as a key point for our own safety. 

Private accommodation that incorporates professional sanitation services, while communicating these benefits, will attract any guests of this new era

On Doinn we select and onboard professional cleaning companies for you to book certified services a click away and at a fair price.

We provide quality certificate stickers and all the protocols and cleaning products information you need to become a reference in the industry for your guests.

Doinn services are now available in more than 500 cities, allowing remote property management to cover the remote works trends.